Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What are the characteristics of a good hypothesis and Also write down different types of Hypothesis

Characteristics of Hypotheses 

1. A hypothesis should be conceptually clear :
A clear definition of concepts should‘be used in a hypothesis and should be done free from secret words and words instead of shapes should be used, these should further be analyzable into indicators and consist of concepts being used in previous researches.

2. A hypothesis should have on empirical reference :
The concepts used in a hypothesis should be scientific instead of based on moral judgment like bad parents, irreligious or'dirty children but measurable concepts, capable to be turned into indicators.

3. A hypothesis must be specific :
A useful hypothesis should be testable for the foretelling described with limits. Sometimes hypotheses are made of general words having grandeur but there are not simply testable. Therefore,
i. It should be specific for its topic with no irrelevant matters.
ii. It should not be vast enough to be investigated.

4. A hypothesis should be related to available techniques :
A hypothesis should be related to the available techniques of research to be tested easily for the verification, otherwise it will be devoid of meaning with no service to the scientific knowledge.

5. A hypothesis should be related to a body of theory :
A hypothesis should be related to present scientific theory. Knowledge can only progress when already present theories and facts are further researched. If every research is individualistic and is isolated, it will have no meaning with no progress of the scientific knowledge.

Types of Hypothesis

1. Hypothesis of Empirical Uniformities :
This is such hypotheses in which similar incidents are made topics.  social situation of similar type of incidents, has the hypothesis, called empirical uniformity hypothesis. For example, hypothesis on the topic of students and their educational activities incidents are to be analyzed.

2. Hypothesis Concerned with Complex Ideal Types :
This is such hypothesis that aims of which are to test the logical relation between empirical uniformity. These at; of specific type of incidents and their scientific testing is sometimes difficult. The second difficulty is that such type of social conditions or behaviours are not available for other normal conditions. That is why on the basis of their individualistic state, they are complicated type hypothesis.

3. Hypothesis with the Relation to Analytic Variables :
Such hypothesis where such variables are used which can be analyzed, there is a dependent and more than one independent variables are found and by controlling independent variables could be made constant, are called hypothesis with the relation of Analytic variables. In daily research, such hypothesis are formulated because to analyze any social condition, these are easy and useful.


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