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What do you mean by Social Problem and Discuss the elements of social problem

Social Problem :

Social problems have always been part of social environment. The history of human effort is full of attempts for controlling social problems because all human progress lies in the solution of social problems. It is by solving these problems that man has reached the zenith of progress. At the same time, social
problems have been most powerful variation in the social and also motivating to keep man active.
It is such a social condition in a society that affects negatively on majority of a society and the society wants to get rid of the social situation because of being painful and disturbing. Indian and Pakistani society is facing problems which are complicated and embarrassing including increase in population, illiteracy, deviation and crimes and environmental pollution are capable of more attention.

Definition of Social Problem :

1. Fair Child :
“Such a disliked social originated by social environment and conditions where use of social forces and sources is necessary to change that condition.”

2. Gorden Child :
“The teasing and disliked social conditions of population where there is a collective desire to change that, is called a social problem.”

3. Augburn and Nimkoff :
“When the harmony and balance in the different institutions of a society becomes bad then the social system begins to disperse, this dispersion is called social devastation, if this increases, there is a social vacuum and if this social vacuum increases then it becomes a social problem.”

Elements of Social Problem

The following elements point out a social problem in a society :
1. Any social situation increases to the extraordinary extent and being way painful and a case of worry like overpopulation with less sources, deviation and crimes, rate of increase of crimes.

2. Such thinking on the part of an individual of a society that individual will cannot change the situation just like increase in population and crimes and pollution.

3. Collective efforts Individuals of a society can only relieve them from painful social conditions otherwise these will be injurious and dangerous‘ for the whole society as is the worrying social condition of the society
because of illiteracy in the modern times and if this is not changed into literacy, it will damaging to the society.
Important, Social Problems


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