Monday, 29 December 2014

Critical note on cultural influence of TV programmes on our society


Television plays a very important role in our society as it has become a member of our family and no one can be alone in the presence of television. Through television, culture of one country is transferred to another country. But when we talk about its influence, then we see that it has both effects-positive as well as negative upon its viewers, which are following :

1. Interest of People :
In the present age, interest of people in the television especially TV, is increasing day by day and people spend more and more time watching TV. That’s why their other social activities are decreasing as people do not take interest in outside activities.

2. The Increasing Interest of Children :
Children are also very much interested in TV. programmes, especially in the cartoon programmes and due to their interest in the television programmes they do not take interest in sports activities and outside games which are necessary for their physical health.

3. Trend of Crimes :
Now TV has changed its format of programmes especially in dramas, as crime- oriented stories are presented in a very attractive way and these programmes influence the people, mostly the immature and teenagers are inspired very much and they try to intimidate the characters of such programmes.

4. Information :
TV is an important source of information as we get the latest information through news bulletins telecast many times in a day in many languages, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Hindi like etc.

5. Current Affairs Programmes :
Different talk shows and seminars are arranged on current issues in which scholars and experts come and give their own views, suggestions related to the current issues. In simple words, we know the current affairs deeply through the current affair programmes of TV as these programmes are presented in an easy and simple language.

6. Awareness :
Information and current affairs programmes of TV create awareness among the people and make them aware of the current situation.

7. Visitation of Fashion :
TV progrmes mostly the dramas, the musical programmes promote the culture of fashion as different people, models, actors wear clothes and jewellery and use cosmetics of latest fashion. In this atmosphere, the negative aspects of the latest fashions are followed by our young generation.

8. Advertisement :
There is no law for advertisement’s ethics so every type of advertisement is running on the TV without any fear and this trend is developing fashion race and makes them (the viewers) materialistic, as people wish to achieve everything whatever they watch on TV.

9. Public Opinion :
Being a representative of the government and having great influence over people, TV is a powerful tool of mass communication by which public opinion can be formed in the people for its new policies or projects.

10. Education :
Television now has many channels through which people are educated in an easy and simple way. The people, while remaining at home, watch different courses of Different Universities and get knowledge and education without joining any educational institution.

11. Entertainment :
People are entertained through television even in their homes. As different interesting programmes like dramas, musical shows are telecast on TV.

12. Prestige of the Country :
The common objective of all these channels is to promote the culture of the nation and prestige of the
country, TV channels perform its role in this perspective very well; as it always highlights the characteristics of the nation.

13. Unity of the Nation :
TV has always intended to unite the nation, and the all provinces of the country without any difference. As TV telecasts programmes in a. all the languages English, Punjabi, Hindi and in Urdu. This is all done to develop and promote the unity of the provinces of Country.

By analyzing the effects of TV in our society, we can say that although it has many negative aspects but its negative aspects are overcome by its positive aspects as TV entertains us, educates us, informs us, and forms public opinion in the favour of government and makes us to come close to the government. In simple words, TV plays a positive role in our society.


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