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Discuss the role of Television (TV) in national progress of country


Media plays an important role in national development of a country. This force cannot be stopped. It has such a influence, if it is worked for constructive purpose, nation can attained progress and if it is used for destruction, generations can be spoiled by it. Ascension and decline of media and nation go together.

Sketch of TV Programmes :

Television programmes should be designed in such a manner that they should become popular among different individuals, nationals and organizations. People had taken keen interest when television was introduced. Govt. was shown it as a source of entertainment but it is planned to use it for national development. If we consider television as a source of entertainment only, this will be wrong. The other view
of picture is that it can be used for national development, social and economic welfare and betterment of an individual. This element is included in such a way that a viewer watches television for recreation purpose but unconsciously he reaches at the hidden meaning of that programme. Following are the points that should be kept in mind while creating a television programme :

1 Current Affairs Information :
A country can be strong when its natives are awared of current affairs. People should be kept well informed and fresh events should be told them. These information can be given through news, current affairs programmes or informative programmes. Such programmes will create public opinion in the interest of a country and it will be reserved as protector and keeper of national interests and ideologies.

2. Healthy Entertainment :
There should be element of healthy entertainment in TV programmes. A person who is engaged in his duties should enjoy to watch television. There should be some intention in the background of these programmes.

3. Educational Programmes :
Progress of a society depends on standard of education and number of educated persons. No country can attain progress until it has large number of educated people. TV can be proved an effective source of spreading education all over the country.

4. Agricultural Programmes :
Being an agricultural country, economy of country is based on cultivation. It is necessary to take steps for progress of agriculture to make our economy stronger. Special programmes are created to inform and educate farmers about plant diseases, usage of fertilizers, new kinds of seeds and new methods to sow the seeds. In addition to these information, it is told how to take agricultural loan from banks. These programmes are prepared in regional languages, so that uneducated people can also understand them.

5. Economic Development :
TV can be used for prosperity of a country. With the passage of time, it included in objectives of TV that labour-class will be awared through TV programmes. Economic problems faced by country like poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, food deficiency, technology crises, high rate of increasing population, agricultural backwardness and unemployment would be highlighted.

6. Religious Programmes :
Religion has basic importance in a human being’s life. It is necessary to know fundamentals of religion for social development. People can spend their lives according to principles of their religions. TV guides people about their religion through different programmes.

7. Projection of Patriotism :
Emotions of patriotism can be spread through TV. We should prefer interest of our country and nation on our individual interests. It can be done by showing the life histories of patriot citizens who had devoted their lives for country. National songs and quiz shows about country can also become helpful to gain this goal.

We can give progress to our country by using Television (TV) by following :
i. By trying to remove religious persecution.
ii. To eliminate the factor of prejudice on the basis of language, region and customs.
iii. To develop good relations with neighboring countries.
iv. To motivate people to invest their money in our own country.
v. To train people to have some skills.
vi. To remain alive the concept of ideology of Pakistan in the hearts of our young generation.
vii. To spend our leisure time in positive or constructive activities.


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