Thursday, 18 December 2014

Feature about Basant takes life

Basant Takes Life :

Basant has always been a joyous occasion, for Ahmed’s family. But last year, the whole scene was changed in a moment when fourteen years old Ahmed, flying kites with a metal wire came in contact with high power transmission cable. Ahmed, the only son in the family was burnt more than 50%.
Another sad event took place when eight years old Amjad lost his life while catching a stray kite on a roadside at Hanjarwal when a tractor crushed him. Shumaila became the victim of a stray bullet, fired on Basant.
The girl has lost sight and according to news report Basant 2005 claimed nineteen lives besides leaving hundreds of other  injured. The Basant night celebration had already claimed the lives of at least four
children while three hundred other were wounded.
Lahories flouted all bans and continued to fire shots in the air like kites. No less than forty people were severely injured as a result of air firing. Open display and usage of semi-automatic and automatic weapons was witnessed in different areas. As many as forty people were admitted at the Mayo Hospital.
The record clearly exposed the police claims of having checked and nabbed people involving in air firing. The same hospital’s children ward received eighty children patients on Basant. One hundred and forty were admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital while twenty were brought to Shaikh Zayed Hospital. Twenty patients were brought to Lahore General Hospital. Many wounded were admitted to other private hospitals. Two
boys of age fourteen and twenty-five were admitted to the hospital due to severe head injuries. Both fell from their roofiops while running after their kites.
Strings were lubricated with different chemicals commonly known as manjha. This increases the strength of strings. Bashir, a Mason, was engaged in his duty at second flour a week before Basant. Suddenly he felt that something was hurting his neck, he called his companions to help him. They saw him lying on the floor, he lost his life because of overflow of blood. LESCO has suffered a loss of Rs. 60 million caused by
power losses and fluctuations that hit the city’s electricity transmission system on Basant night.
Rich families celebrate the festival lavishly. They fly high quality kites and strings without thinking what havoc they can create. Children do not listen to their parents and indulge in dangerous activities. Basant should be carefully celebrated. Competitions should be arranged in gardens and grounds instead of rooftops. Metal wires, air firing, fireworks, loud music, drum beating in residential area should be avoided.


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