Thursday, 4 December 2014

Importance of communication with Special Reference to Pakistan

Importance of communication can be understood by the fact that it has become an art and a profession also. In the third world countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc., the communication gap is much wider as compared to western world. Communication is a process that expands through special infrastructure, that is not sufficient in Pakistan. India is leading in Sub-Continent with larger media groups, vast commercial market. Pakistan is on its route to development, but is facing hurdles due to non-democratic set up.

1. Pakistani Media and Communication :
In Pakistan, media is not totally independent. Recently new private T.V. channels are allowed to launch their set up. Print media is also facing govemment’s advices since 1947. But we can say that Pakistani media is doing its best to fill up the communication gap between Pakistan’s internal masses and with other nations. Nowadays, many T.V. channels are competing with Pakistan Television Corporation and many newspapers are being printed from major Pakistani cities.

2.. Education of Communication :
Due to the importance of communication and media, different Pakistani universities are introducing degrees relating to communication, Mass Communication, Journalism, Development Support Communication, Public Relations etc. Many universities have started Postgraduate, M. Phil and Ph.D. classes of Mass Communication.

3. Communication: Pakistan and the World :
In Pakistan, communication and mass communication is in positive progress. After September I 1 attack on World Trade Center, Pakistan is facing world media with worst mood. Inter-services public relations start briefings about operations in South Waziristan. Now Pakistani foreign office arranges press briefings regularly. Pakistan Television on satellite with its broad vision. Many other private T.V. channels are also in
competition with PTV and Indian channels. Indian T.V. channels and film industry have impact on our cultural values, through competition with them our cultural values can survive.

4. Communication and Masses :
In Pakistan, communication process is prevailing in every sector of life. Every public, government and private organization and institution is engaging public relations officers to contact with internal and external public's. All major industrial commercial organizations have their own public relations departments. On the government side, every department and ministry has public relations office for dealing matters with masses and media. We can say that with changing time, Pakistani society is accepting the communication importance in every sector of life.

5. Propaganda :
Today wars are being fought on psychological warfare tools. Each country propagates its own culture, objectives through mass media. Propaganda is used effectively against enemy country or for government policies before other countries and for internal public. After 9/11, propaganda is being used against Islamic culture, values and Islamic Madrassas. Pakistan is communicating with western world and effectively
explaining that Islam is against terrorism.

6. Inter-dependence of Communication and Development :
Communication and development depend upon each other. Society of Pakistan is also going through development of communication, because communication is necessary for any kind of social and political development. In fact, human beings had developed socially through the development of communication.


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