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What is Journalism and Explain its functions


The Word “journalism” is derived from the word “journal” which means a daily register or a diary or a book containing each day’s business or transactions. The word journal also stands for a newspaper published daily or even less for a magazine.
Today journalism means collection and editing of material of current interests for presentation through print media. Basically, journalism is the work of gathering knowledge about events and situations of the day, and communicating this knowledge to members of a community, through symbols rapidly. This knowledge about events of situations of the day which the journalist communicate is called news.
Nowadays journalism developed into a full-fledged social discipline and news is the essence of journalism. Journalism is actually the information, education and entertainment.

Definitions :
According to Webster Third international Dictionary, “The collection and editing of material of current interest for presentation, publication or broadcast.”
Bond F. Fraser define journalism as “Today the term journalism embraces all the forms in which and through which the news and comments on the news reach the public.”
According to Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary, “Journalism means the profession of conduct writing for public journals.”
So we can say that journalism is a communication of information regarding the events of day through written words, sound or pictures.

Functions of Journalism :
Main functions of journalism are :
(a) To inform   (b) To entertain
(c) To educate (d) To interpret
Journalism performs other important functions, such as the circulation of advertising and the dissemination of a vast mass of information and comment that hardly come under the general concept of news.

Difference between Journalism and Communication

Journalism differs from other communication in three ways, the kind of knowledge it communicates, the audience for whom the communication is intended, and the manner in which the communication takes place.


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