Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Which sections are working to organize Television (TV)

There are different sections to run a big organization such as TV. These sections are as follows:
i. Current Affairs Section
ii. News Section
iii. Finance Section
iv. Administrative Section
v. Engineering Section
vi. Programme Section
vii. Education Section
viii.  International Relations Section
ix. Television Academy
Now we see the important section of TV in detail, i.e., Programme Section.

Programme Section :
The duty of this section is to think and plan to create a new programme. Head of this section is a director and all TV programmes are included in its responsibilities.
Programme section supervise these all programmes from creation to production. Through this section, following programmes are produced :
i. Dialogue Type Programmes (Based on comments/analysis)
ii. Television Drama
iii. Documentary Programme

i. Dialogue Type Programmes :
We can divide such programmes into following types:
a. Conference/Discussion
b. Interview
c. Live Discussions

ii. Television Drama :
Television drama covers the different aspects of life. It is the most popular type of television programmes. Following types of plays are being telecast by TV :
a. Drama Serial
b. Humorous Drama
c. Drama Series

iii. Documentary Programmes :
Facts and figures are presented as it is in these programmes.
a. News and Current Affairs
b. Historical Events and Places
c. Social and Economic Problems
d. About Ideology
e. Prominent Personalities
Deparmental chart for a medium size television station.


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