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Write a brief note on print media

Daily newspapers are published on daily basis. It is an important source of mass communication nowadays. Its main objective is to provide fresh information and reports of events happened in a day. Daily newspapers also entertain public. In addition to news, it also include reviews on current affairs. Daily newspapers play an important role to mould public opinion.

Initial form of newspapers was weekly or fortnightly. Now it is converted into daily journalism. It is due to fast means of flow of information. Weekly journalism has lost its importance. Now its form has changed. Weekly magazines select such topics which have much more importance than published in daily newspapers.
There are different types of weekly magazines like weekly editions of newspapers, e.g., Sunday magazine, sports or women edition. Political based magazines, e. g., Nida-e-Millat. Society magazines like Akhbar-e-Jahan, Family Magazine, MAG etc.

Periodicals are printed after a specific duration of time. It can be divided into :
i. Monthly,
ii. Quarterly, and
iii. Half-yearly
Periodicals include matter of permanent interest. Usually they show literary mood of a nation. International literary trends are also introduced in one’s own literature. Research thesis are also published, e.g., Naqoosh, Fanoon-e-Auraq, Nairang-e-Khiyal, Swera etc.

There are many worries in our lives. Everyone is tensed and depressed. Our magazines are replaced their difficult literary material to light recreational literature. These digests are published on pattern of famous American magazine “Reader’s Digest.” Most of these digests are published imaginary stories of crime, sex and adventures. Digests fulfil the requirement of people belonging to different mental levels. Many quality digests like Sayyara, Qaumi and Urdu are also published to train and to guide people. We can say them the representative of quality digest journalism.

People belonging to every profession want to point out their problems and to tell its progress to everybody. They have launched their own magazines. These magazines have matter about modern research, trends etc. These are printed in a limited number, e.g., magazines of engineering, medical, textile mills, flour mills and hotel industry.

There are different age groups existing in a society, e. g., old age people, women, children, sports lovers, fenders of theater and films etc.
Different magazines are started for different groups.
Women : She, Khawateen Digest, Hina, Pakeeza
Children : Phool, Aankh Macholi, Taleem-o-Tarbiat, US, Young World
Youth : Spider, Mag, Suspense
Showbiz : Deva, Raabta
Religious : Roohani Digest
Professionals : Aurora, Pakistan and Gulf News, Hamdard Sehat
Literary : Sawera, Naqoosh, Fanoon

7. BOOKS :
Books are the most important way to get education. When different ideas came to mind of human beings, then they thought to preserve these ideas for coming generations. Man had written these ideas on leaves, skin or bones of animals. Actually man wanted to share his experiences with others. After struggle of a long time, paper has been prepared and printing press was invented to make written work more secured.
Books had played an important role in civilization of human beings. Education reached to everyone after printing of books. It is one of the oldest means of communication. It was existed even before the invention of printing press.
Books can communicate not only by language but there are also visual aids like pictures, graphs and maps etc. Usually a book is consisted on one topic. It is covered in detail. Opinion of experts are also included in books to strengthen the topic.

A little booklet of four, eight or sixteen pages is called pamphlet. It is used for introductory purpose. Important points related to any problem are included in pamphlets. e.g., To tell rules and regulations for the admission in a school or college. Report of a social welfare organization. It can also be published to introduce any product.

Such advertisements, which are pasted on walls, are called posters. It have timely importance. Its objective is to do propaganda in favour or against any matter. Another purpose is to inform immediately about anything. Its types are :

i. Paper posters  ii. Wooden posters  iii. Tin posters

Paper posters are temporary. On the other hand, wooden and tin posters are permanent in nature. Message written on them can maintain its communication importance for long time.

Characteristics of Print Media :
1. The most effective medium of communication.
2. It has lasting influence over readers.
3. It is meant for educating people.
4. Information through print media can be repeated.
5. Printed information is used to make history.
6. Print information can be preserved.
7. Through print media, messages can be given in detailed form.
8. Newspapers, magazines, books can be read again and again.
9. The most credible and prestigious media of mass communication.


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