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Write a critical note on journalism education at graduate leveI in Pakistan


Pakistan is a third world progressing country. Alter freedom from colonial occupation, Pakistan is being ruled by armed forces as well as by corrupt political politicians. Education sector, specially the higher education low] is in poor condition.
In the past, there was no specific journalistic education in Pakistan, but with the passage of time journalism in Pakistan is developing and reshaping, with developing technologies new techniques emerged in journalism. On the other hand competition between newspapers, magazines and periodicals also helped journalism for reshaping.

Journalism education at Graduation level :
Journalism education in Pakistan is not well with the best standard of education Nowadays nearly all Pakistani Universities have started their mass communication departments. But on the other hand, there are few colleges which have their journalism department and teaching staff. Every year thousands of students take journalism as a subject for their graduation exams. Majority appear as private candidates in their exams
All universities having mass communication departments. Specially, with self. finance culture, plenty of students take admission in universities, while on graduation level many other subjects are being taught as regular subjects except journalism. This trend has bad impact on journalism education and its standard. This practice is being carried out in Pakistan because there is no major media market working. Now mas}
radio, T.V. channels and news groups are expanding their networks. Government is allowing all media groups to start their electronic (Radio & TV) channels. Many T.V-channels are working and are on air. ARY, GEO, INDUS VISION, AAJ TV, SUN TV. HUM TV, FILMAZIA, BUSINESS PLUS, APNA TV, RAVI TV, ATV etc., all are private television channels. Now the field of journalism is expanding in all electronic ad print sectors. All government and public sector universities have been awarding degree!
relating to journalism field. While main problem is that journalism education on graduation level is present till now. In Punjab, many students take journalism as their optional subject graduation exams, but they have to appear with this subject as private candidate.

What is needed?
Today communication is necessary for every aspect of life. Media wars are fought without dropping bombs. In every society, media can play an important role for its well shaping. So, in Pakistan, media and journalism education has its own importance. It is necessary to start graduation level journalism classes in all government colleges. But the standard of journalism education should be better and accelerating with global, unique media techniques.

Who can play a role?
For this purpose, all major media groups can play an important role for supplying media education course for different institutions and colleges. They should provide simple facilities for grooming new journalists. Because private sector is starting media education courses which are not of good standard.

Role of the Government :
Government can also play an important role to allow and order all Govt. colleges to start journalism classes on graduation level. For this purpose, every college administration should have to improve its struggle. When graduation level journalism education starts, many educated journalists and graduates of mass communication can be employed in these departments.

Media channels and scope of journalism education :
Nowadays cable networks have changed the world. In Pakistan, many private television channels are on satellite. So competition in different television channels and different media groups demand trained and educated journalists, that can be produced through mass communication and journalism education.


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