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Write a note on the types of editorial or Explain the kinds of editorial with reference to purpose, content and composition


With reference to purpose, editorials can be classified into three groups. Those that inform, those that influence and those that entertain. Now we will see these types of editorials one by one.

1. Informing Editorial :
Informing editorial defines and explains different information to the readers as this type of editorials define terms and issues by providing the details of geographical and social backgrounds. Thus readers are being well informed through editorials which give them the complete details of any event, happening etc.

2. Influencing Editorial :
One has a right to have his opinion but at the same time one also have a right to convince others of its merit. The informative editorial defines and explains a problem and to influence the readers a course of action is suggested.

3. Entertaining Editorial :
Entertaining editorial is like a dish of intellectual dessert. They evoke a smile, a chuckle, a laugh, and often have a point gently or subtly suggested.

Content-wise Editorials

Content-wise Editorials can be divided into :
1. News Editorials
2. Policy Editorials
3. Social Editorials
4. Special Editorials

1. News Editorials :
News editorials are those which are based on important news. Normally, lead story attracts the editorial writer. Majority of editorials are based on news.

2. Policy Editorials :
Policy editorials reflect the specific policy or trends of a newspaper. Editorials of different newspapers represent the policy of these papers.

3. Social Editorials :
Editorials comprising social or civic problems are called social editorials. All newspapers comment on important social issues in their editorials and editorial notes.

4. Special Editorials :
Editorials on special events are called special editorials. This type also includes obituary editorials. For example, editorials on 25th Dec, etc.

Composition-wise Editorials

Editorials can also be divided into their form of composition. And these types are :
l. Narrative
2. Descriptive
3. Expository
4. Argumentative
Now we will explain these types of editorials :

1. Narrative :
In this type of editorials, orderly account of events is narrated just like a story or a tale.

2. Descriptive :
Descriptive editorial is based on lots of descriptions. More emphasis is laid on description of an event, occurrence or happening including the description of people’s related problems. For example, their social, political, religious and economical problems are described in the editorial.

3. Expository :
This type of editorial explains and interprets the problem with the full details and with all its facts and figures while sometimes problems are explained through table and graph. In this type of editorial, dry and difficult topic or problem is presented in an easy and simplest way for people’s understanding.

4. Argumentative :
In this type of editorial, problem is presented by giving the arguments and shows the both views of picture and then leaves it upon the reader to decide himself the right way and draw the conclusion. Through this type of editorial, public opinion is formed according to the editorial’s arguments.

Appeal-wise Editorial :
In the context of appeal, we mean how an editorial appeals to the reader. Appeal-wise editorial has two types:
a. Intellectual Editorial
b. Emotional Editorial

a. Intellectual Editorial :
In the intellectual editorial, subject is presented intellectually with proper facts and figures and with no emotional touch.

b. Emotional Editorial : 
Emotion editorial is written for the general people. Facts are presented with emotional touch.


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