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Explain the major effects of newspapers on life of their readers and society

Effects of Newspapers

One of the aspects of the newspaper’s importance is its deep-rooted effects on the society individually as well as collectively. Some of the effects of newspaper are as follows :

1. Less Education :
From unofficial sources, literacy rate is 56 percent, majority of the population, urban or rural, is illiterate. In spite of the fact, people have curiosity in newspaper, because they find in it most of the material for their information, guidance and entertainment. People who don’t know, “how to read newspaper,” listen from others news of their own interest. Despite less education, newspaper fulfills its responsibilities.

2. To Formulate Public Opinion :
No doubt, the most important tool to form or affect public opinion is newspaper, it, in many ways, affects public opinion through its views, articles, columns, editorials, etc. Most of the people formulate their opinion from newspaper as they agree with the thoughts and reflections of the editors and on a particular event, they wait to see the reaction of their opinion leader.

3. To Promote Ideology :
In an ideological state, newspapers are considered as custodians of ideology. Newspapers create sense of responsibility and keep the people informed of their true and right destination. They also help to determine their goal.

4. Business Industry :
Newspapers have a noble zest in their mission, hence have no stone unturned. First, newspapers publish with the same mission and shoulder their responsibilities. Now, with the passage of time, a lot of money is necessary to maintain press in proper order and new kinds have been invented for this purpose. However, sometimes, it seems to be a business rather to play a missionary role. Sometime ago, only one journalist stepped in this field, but now big businessmen have adopted this field and made her an industry.

Real Effects of Newspapers

1. Special Edition : 
In previous time, newspaper was published in a very simple. form and only produced important news with an editorial. Then pictorial journalism stepped ahead and enhanced the importance of the newspaper whenever important day or functions came, and newspaper published an article over it, but nowadays, special editions are published on important national and international days, events or functions. Newspapers everyday publish special editions, e. g., Political Edition, Sports, Religious Education, Women, Youth, Children, Social Activities, etc.

2. Entertainment :
Newspaper is a mean to provide information, guidance, news, views, and entertainment to the general public. Almost, literate and illiterate people show their interest in newspaper. Every one reads newspaper according to his own desire, need, requirement and interest. A newspaper in different means provides entertainment to its readers.

3. New Trends of Journalism :
Nowadays, journalism is quite different from its previous history. Journalism adopted new trends in every part and caused better entertainment. Not only the quality of the news, views, articles and paper has improved but new and special edition or supplement also caused to enhance its popularity. But inducing new trends, where there is positive effects, on the other hand, there are also some negative aspects. The female
aspect has been integral part in modern journalism and it remains in one way or the other.

4. Press Relations :
Newspapers may have to publish all the matter having news objectivity, and press adopted this tradition to enable herself to publish a good newspaper. Newspapers prefer to print the news reported by their own representatives and reporters. Sometimes, some organizations desire publicity of their own cause, for that purpose press relations are essential.

5. Society Magazine :
Newspapers not only publish stories based on aggression but other material also for the interest of the general reader. In such magazines, all our efforts are made to enhance the interest and give a moral lesson to their readers. Often these magazines and articles prove useful to guide and make broadminded the great part of the society.

6. Political and Social Effects :
Newspapers have played significant role in political and social uplift. Press with its editorials, articles, columns, features awake the people and make them conscious about their political and social rights and duties. Through the blessing of newspapers, now a layman is well known about his responsibilities and obligations. Society developed herself to seek guidance and information through its representative newspapers.

7. Digest, Magazine :
Newspapers in its special edition and magazine publish stories regarding crimes, spies, etc. More than 80 percent people read them very anxiously and take benefit and lesson from these stories, often someone tries to repeat the same. In fact, the sole purpose of the newspaper is to dishearten the sentiments of such people by giving unlucky result, but with extreme sorry, they are not producing their real effects.


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