Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How the newspapers were originated


The history of newspapers is an often-dramatic chapter of the human experience going back some five centuries. In Renaissance of Europe, handwritten newsletters circulated privately among merchants passing along information about everything from wars and economic conditions to social customs and ‘human interest’ features. The first printed forerunner of the newspaper appeared in Germany in the late 1400’s in the form of news pamphlets or broadsides, often highly sensationalized in content. Some of the most famous of these reports the atrocities against Germans in Transylvania perpetrated by a sadistic “veovod” mod “Vlad Tscpes Drakul“, who became the Count Dracula of later folklore.

In the English-speaking world, the earliest world, the earliest predecessors of the newspapers were corantes, small-news‘ Pamphlets produced only when some events worthy of notice occurred. The first successively published title was the “Weekly News” of 1622. It was followed in the 1640‘s and 1650’s by a plethora of different titles in the Similar news-book format. The first true newspaper in English was the “London Gazette” of 1666. For a generation, it was the only officially sanctioned newspaper, through many periodical titles were printed by the end of the century.


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