Sunday, 11 January 2015

Important aspects of Educational Language or What do you know about Educational Language


In this language, facts are told correctly. Objective facts are used instead of inference and judgments. Educational language is the language of social sciences. Its important characteristics are as follows :

1. Seriousness :
Facts and figures are told in a simple manner. Its not a beautiful but a serious and to the point language. A reader cannot read it continuously.

2. Factual Language :
The language is based on facts. There is no doubts present in the meaning of such language.

3. Exaggeration :
Education is based on facts and there is no space for exaggeration.

4. Facts and Figures :
There are no imagination involved in educational language. It is created for telling facts and figures.

5. Specific Words :
Words are taken from daily use and literary language but their meanings become different, e. g., words of “Utility”, “Wealth” and “Demand” are used in economics having different meanings.

6. Terminology :
Every subject has its own terminology Persons having knowledge about any subject know about its terms.

7. Limited Communication :
Educational language is used to communicate with a limited class Other people cannot understand it. Its terminology and meanings are not understood by common people. A person having knowledge about that specific Subject can use its language only.


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