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Prominent features of scientific language and Give some examples


It is used to elaborate scientific topics like Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.
Scientific language has following characteristics :

1. Technical Training :
For getting command over scientific language, we need technical training because this language is based on special scientific terms which are not understandable to common people.

2. Difficult Language :
Scientific language is very difficult language. It contains specific terms and symbols for communication which are not used in our everyday life. Difficult and unfamiliar words are usually used in scientific language. Only concerned person can understand the meaning of these scientific words and symbols. For example, Ag is
symbol of silver, H2O is a formula of water.

3. Complicated Language :
Scientific language has long and complicated sentences and due to the usage of terms, it is not easily understandable to general people but the people who know the science can understand this language and its complicated terms.
For example    H2+O = H2O    is a formula of water.

4. Language of Experts :
This language is also called language of experts because general people cannot write not understand it, only experts like scientists, doctors etc. can understand scientific language and they only use it.

5. Symbolism :
Scientific language is not only based on scientific terms but also uses symbolic words for communication which are used by only concerned by whom understand it.
For example CaCO3 is a symbol of Calcium Carbonate
“Homo Sepiens” is the scientific name of human beings.
E = mC2 (Einstine’s famous equation)
E stands for energy, m stands for matter and C stands for velocity of light.

6. Language of Laboratory : 
Scientific language is very limited language which is used only into the science laboratories and research centres. That’s why it is called the language of laboratory, by science experts for their experiments and practicals.

7. Brevity :
Scientific language communicates effectively with brevity where reality is described to the point without any exaggeration.

8. Unbiased :
There is no use of expressions in the scientific language because this language communicates the facts as they are without any expression and brassiness.

9. Source of Research :
Difficult researches in science are conducted through scientific language where facts and figures are analysed and written in the form of scientific terms and these terms make the research easy for science experts.

10. Source of Scientific Developments :
Scientific language is the only source of developments of science. Due to the brevity and symbolic quality of scientific language, scientists describe easily and briefly. their long and difficult experiments and their results.

Definition of Circle :
“The set of all points in the plane that are equally distant from a fixed point is called a circle.”


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