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What is meant by Literary language and Write down its qualities

Literary Language


Language of Literature

The language which is used in literature for expression is called literary language or language of literature. This language is more beautiful than other languages. We can express our feelings. expressions and thoughts attractively than others. The other languages do not have this quality like attractiveness and beautiful expressions, as literary language has.

Characteristics of Literary Language :

1. Formal Language :
Literary language is based on special words with specific meanings where we focus on the beauty of language, even if we use simple words, we emphasize on attractiveness of words and their usage. Literary language is formally used by writers of novels. short stories and by poets. Idioms and difficult words are thought as attraction of literary language.

2. Eloquence :
Usage of words on time and on a proper place is known as eloquence. It is kept in mind while producing a literary piece of writing. Such words are tried to be used which need not editing.

3. Rhetoric :
Rhetoric is an important characteristic of literary language. Such words are chosen which have vast meanings. A short writing should have such effect which can be spread through many pages,

4. Imagination :
Instead of realism. imagination is more important in literature. Unnatural and fake events are told in literature by using imagination.

5. Area of Communication : 
Literary language communicates with a specific class like educated and intellectuals. Common people cannot understand such a difficult language.

6. Source of Creation :
Literary language is a source of creation. It is a source of sending a literary piece of writing to people having literary taste.

7. Objective :
Objective of a writing is expression instead of communication. Beauty of language is more important than demonstration of meaning.

8. Emotions :
Emotions are involved in literary language. It has capability to impress a reader through emotional style.

9. Consistency :
Consistency is also an important characteristic of literary language. Events are said in a specific manner.

10. Conclusion :
Conclusion of writing is given at the end. Events are told from less to more important.

11. Protractedness :
A specific class is communicated by literary language, so writings are detailed instead of short writings.

12. Rules of Language :
Rules of language are kept in mind while writing a short story, poetry, drama etc.

13. Symbolic Expression :
Instead of telling something straightforward, symbols are used. Metaphoric meanings of words are used.


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