Sunday, 11 January 2015

Write down the importance of language in communication process and also tell about different kinds of language


Language is the primary and simplest source of communication. Language is nothing but a set of human habits the purpose of which is to give expression to thoughts and feelings, especially to impart them to others. In mass communication, language have much importance.

Definitions :

According to the Dictionary of Linguistics :
“A system of communication by sound that is through the organs of speech and hearing among human beings of a certain group or community, using vocal symbols possessing arbitrary conventional meaning.”

Another definition is :
Systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized sounds, the 'words their pronunciation and the methods of combining them, used and understood by a considerable community.”

We can define language as :
“Language is a natural source of communication based on three types-vocal, symbolic and pictorial, through which we exchange our ideas, expressions, feelings and share our knowledge easily with others.”
There are four basic types of language:
(a) Language of Daily Use
(b) Literary Language
(c) Journalistic Language
(d) Scientific Language


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