Monday, 26 January 2015

Write a note on Press Release

Press Release

Definition :
A press release is that form of information necessarily floated for the interest of general public who desire to have knowledge about the activities of the concerns, institutions or the organizations. The press releases are invariably in the form of written circulars or statements, and usually consists of categorical and unambiguous information.

Basic points :
From the foregoing study and examination of the nature and definition of press release, we can deduce the following basic points:
1. A press release is usually a circular or statement purported to communicate information to the general public.

2. A press release details usually of the activities of any concern, organization or an institution.

3. A press release may be delivered to the newspapers and periodicals by hand, sent by post, or by fax.

4. Another sophisticated method of communication is adopted, i.e., circulars or statements to be dispatched to the news agencies.

5. In case, the information is purported to be widely communicated on large scale; the press release are usually addressed to the news editors of national newspapers.

6. Press release may be sent to the social editor, picture editor, city editor, women’s editor etc.


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