Thursday, 29 January 2015

Write a note on Rumour


A rumour is rapidly spreading report unsubstantiated by authenticated fact. It is transmitted along informal channels by words of mouth. Rumour has them following features :

1. It can ready if ever be traced back to its origin.

2. It can spread at the speed of light.

3. It will only spread if the rumour has the momentum of credibility and it thrives in close pint communities which have either no regular or formal channels of communication or channel which are inefficient or no recognized as important.

A process of mediation occurs at most or all points of telling the original narrative being exaggerated and usually decorated with spite or resentment. Good news rarely travels as quickly as bad news. In organizations, rumour often circulated most strongly in subcultures of those people generally well down in the hierarchy and who tend to be the last in the queue when information is passed through formal channels.

The only antidote to rumour in efficient, fill and open participative communication, with strong lines of horizontal as well as vertical communication.

The impact or rumour is rarely beneficial, in the main, rumour is corrosive of relationships, fuels suspicion and bad feeling. Its favourite habitat is a communication vacuum. One dubious compensation is that the subjects or victims of rumour are generally the last to hear of it, unless, of course they started the rumour themselves.


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