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Define professional education and give an account of its types

Professional education involves the training programs by which individuals are equipped with various skills so as to adopt various professions. Professional education refers to those formal programs Which enables the individuals to participate in the lawful and productive economic activities. Professional education is a sum total of those activities which develop the psychomotor abilities of the individuals. In the present days, following are the significant types of professional education :-

Medicine education : 

Medicine education is concerned with keeping the people healthy and treating the diseases. This education is necessary for maintaining healthy and hygienic environment and society. The significance of medicine education is explained in the following lines:-
  • This education takes steps to keep the individuals of the society healthy.
  • This education prepares the individuals who play their role in maintaining hygienic environment.
  • Medicine education takes practical measures to prevent the members of society from diseases. 

Business education : 

Business education is concerned with the acquaintance of business techniques, administrative strategies and business promotion. There is a  significant role of business education in the economic development. The advantages of business education are listed below :-
  • Business education produces such individuals who bring about commercial activities.
  • Business education helps in controlling unemployment in the country.

Engineering education : 

Engineering education is concerned with equipping the individuals with those practical skills which enable to conform to the demands of life. According to some other experts, industrial development oriented education is engineering education such as electrical engineering education, civil engineering education and mechanical engineering education. Engineering education is significant due to the following resources :-
  • Engineering education plays an important role in economic and industrial development. 
  • Engineering education produces competent and skilled individuals.
  • This education can shape an individual according to the fashion and needs of the environment.

Agriculture education : 

Agriculture education is concerned with agricultural development and production of agriculture experts. This education is, especially, significant for those countries whose economy is agri-based. Agriculture education is
ranged in agriculture colleges and agriculture universities. This education is important due to the following reasons :-
  • It increases the agricultural development of the country.
  • It increases the agriculture production. 
  • It provides agri awareness in the farmers. 
  • It minimizes the agricultural losses due to research in the agriculture field.

Law education : 

Law education is concerned with the knowledge of those laws which are devised for social peace and state administration. The terms like advocate, law expert and solicitor are used for the law graduate individuals. The significance of the education can be described in the following points :-
  • This education makes the individual aware of state and civil laws.
  • It promote the sense of civil rights and duties.
  • It enables an individual to speak for the rights of others.

Home economics education : 

Home economics education refers to produce such skills in women which enable them performing the affairs of household, children upbringing, interior decoration and home budget. This education is significant due to the following reason :-
  • It develops the social and economic vision of the women.
  • It enables the women to play their social role.
  • It enables the women to bring up the new generation in a better way.

Teacher education : 

Teacher education is concerned with the training of teachers so that they may learn the requirements and various foundations of the learning and instructional process. It is necessary that the teacher must be professionally trained and this training should be conducted in the formally established institutions. Teacher
education is significant due to the following reasons :-
  • It enables the teachers to know the fundamentals of the educative process.
  • It makes the teachers professionally trained. 
  • A teacher can demonstrate all of his abilities only if he/she is acquainted with the components of teacher education. 

Information education : 

Information education ranges from organization of data to the provision of information. Computer is the most significance source of information education. Computer is playing an important role in the communication of information, composing, designing and diagnose of diseases. The internet has turned the world into a global village. The role of information education can be explained in the following headings :-
  • It is a great access to the information.
  • It has minimized the distances among the countries and the individuals as well.
  • It has given new visions to the fields of composing, designing and graphics.
  • It has reduced the burden of the accountants and maintained accounts in a scientific manner.


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