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What are the moral aims of education

Moral aims of education refers to the character development of the individuals. promotion of values and development of productive human traditions. Education is the sole source of developing the moral character of the individuals in the light of life ideology. The aims of education concerned with the character
development of the individual cannot be fulfilled without a system of education. To me, following are the significant moral aims of education :-

Purification of soul : 

Purification of soul is the fundamental moral aim of education. Purification of soul refers to harmonize the self character and potentials of the individual with the Divine will. Education is, in fact, a process of. soul purification which leads to the spiritual destination proposed by God.

Propagation of moral values : 

Propagation of moral values is one of the most significant moral aims of education. Every society has its own set of system of values according to which the members of society lead their lives. A society discriminates
itself from the other societies on the basis of values and traditions. The moral values Such as truthfulness, justice, brotherhood, piety, devoutness, honesty, promise fulfillment, benevolence and generosity are propagated and transmitted to the present and future generations by means of the educative process. The society run by these values paints a picture of heaven. These very values pave the way to social stability and economic rise.

Character building :

Character building is an important responsibility of education. Every system of education has the aim of character building of the individuals to achieve through the formal educational settings. Better and stable social life largely depends on the moral training of the individuals. The education which cannot provide moral training to the individuals is useless and unproductive. For the character building of the individuals, the students should be taught moral subjects in the schools.

Moral training : 

For the accomplishment of the national aims, moral training of the individuals in the light of social values is necessary. This is the responsibility of education to develop the character of the individuals in the light of national ideology. Moral training of the individuals serves valuable purposes for the society. This is an effective source of individual and collective development.

Healthy moral environment : 

Provision of healthy moral environment to the individuals of the society is an important aim of education. A healthy moral environment allows an individual to practice moral values with his free will. Such environment is helpful in the promotion and development of established moral values and traditions. Education should take steps to maintain a healthy moral environment in the school.


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