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Define foundations of education and what are its significant types

Foundations Of Education

Education is a formally organized human social activity. Information, experiences and skills are transmitted to the next generations by means of education. It is a sensitive activity in this regard. It ensures the continuity of academic excellences between the two generations. If there had been no process of education, the whole
academic capital would  have lost. Being an activity, education is concerned with the national ideology, society, economy and human needs. These concerns of education are the foundations of education. These foundations are taken into account in the educational activities. Every individual has his particular life ideology. He is a member of a particular society as well. He has to participate in the economic activities to earn his livelihood. He has a particular mind set tool. All aspects of an individual s life are considered in the educative process. An individual cannot be parted from these aspects. Education is also concerned with these aspects of human life. Education cannot maintain its survival without the realization of these aspects. In conclusion, I can say that foundations education are, in fact, the foundations of life which prove justification and formation to the process of education.

Foundations of education are the motives and factors which are considered during the construction and organization of various elements of education.

  • Foundations of education refer to those fundamental factors, which influence the structure and organization of various elements of education e.g. objectives, curriculum, teaching methods and evaluation. 
  • Foundations of education refer to those aspects of individual and collective life which are taken into account while constructing a system of  education for a nation e.g. ideological foundation of education, social foundation of education and psychological foundation of education etc. The significant types of foundations of education are the following :-

Ideological foundation of education : 

The ideological foundation of education is concerned with the life ideology of the individuals. Education takes the life ideology of a nation into account for the acquisition of national objectives. To me, ideological foundation of education refers to those fundamental thoughts and ideals which are significantly considered during the development of a system of education.

Philosophical foundation of education : 

Philosophy clarifies an individual’s concepts regarding Man, God and Universe. Besides this, philosophy provides essential conceptual and practical guidance to the individuals about various fields of life. Education of a nation works under the direction of philosophy. This is the truth which tells that philosophy is a significant foundation of the educative process. To me, philosophical foundation of education refers to the development of a system of education for a nation in the light of national life philosophy. This foundation of education decides the destination of a system of education.

Psychological foundation of education : 

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mind. All the individuals vary in interests, liking and natural
tendencies. It seems necessary that the individual differences must be considered during the educative process. The use of psychological principles and the consideration of the individual differences during the educative process are, in fact, the acknowledgement of the role of psychology in the educative process. To me, psychological foundation of education means the application of psychological principles during the process of learning and instruction so as to satisfy the psychological needs and natural tendencies of the students.

Social foundation of education : 

Society and individual are interdependent and interrelated. No individual can lead a successful life without society. The social needs of the individual are taken into account in the educative process. Education aims at
social training of the individual in the fashion that enables him a useful citizen. This social struggle of education for an individual is called social foundation of education. According to my viewpoint, social foundation of education refers to consideration of social needs of the individuals during the development of a system of education.

Economic foundation of education : 

All individuals engage themselves in economic activities to lead a balance and prosperous life. In this regard, this is the responsibility of education to develop the abilities of the individual in such a way that they may get benefit of the economic opportunities. Education enables the individual to participate in the money-making activities and thereby strengthen their financial conditions. The idea of economic training of an individual is, in fact, the economic foundation of education. In my opinion, economic foundation of education refers to
consideration of financial needs of individual and society during the development of a system of education for a nation. This foundation of education paves the way to stable and developed society.


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