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Friday, 24 April 2015

Define society and What is the relationship between education and society

Society refers to a fairly large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent of people outside it and participate in a common culture.

  • Society is a group of individuals who share common culture and territory.
  • Society is a relatively self-sufficient and self-sustaining group of people who are united by social relationships and who live in a particular society. 
  • Society is a group of people who interact within a limited territory guided by their culture.
  • Society is a group of people living in a specific geographical territory who share a culture which forms the basis for the rules that guide their behavior. 
  • Society refers to a fairly large group of individuals who have common objectives of life and who co-operate one another for the realization of these objectives. 
  • Society means a group of people who depend on one another for the fulfillment of their needs.
  • Society refers to a group of people who live a specific territory, independent of external pressures, for the realization of common interest. 
The relationship between education and society can be described in the following lines :-

Education is the representative of society : 

Education is a social process which strives for the fulfillment of the desires of society. Education determines its destination in the light of social objectives. The desires of society are the ultimate aims of education. Education formulates such programs which pave the way to the fulfillment of social aspirations. Education is the representative of social desires. Education is nothing but a reflection of the needs of society. 

Society provides a line of action to education : 

Education cannot decide its objectives by itself. This is the competency of the society to determine the objectives of education. The needs and desires. of the society are, in fact, the aims of education. For the realization of these aims of education, a comprehensive educative process is carried out. If the society does not exist, there would be no concept of aims of education. This is the Society which determines the ultimate aim of. education. For the realization of the objectives of education, the educational institutions are established in the society.

Education teaches social role : 

Every society intends to teach the values and traditions of the society so that the, individuals may turn into useful citizens. Education is held responsible to make the individuals understand the social values so that they may play their social role. Education is the only means of imparting the social fabrics to the present and future generations. In this regard, education runs the whole structure of society which is necessary for its stability and growth.

Education maintains social stability : 

The people lead their lives according to their social values in a stable and prosperous society. When the people follow the social values and traditions, it leads to the social stability and integrity. The survival and growth of the social values largely rest on the individuals who apply them on their daily life affairs. The social values can only be livened up when they become the part of the personality of the individuals. This is education which teaches the students their social role for the maintenance of Social stability.

Education transmits values : 

Education is the only means through which social values are preserved and transmitted to the next generations. If education does not function in this fashion, the social valued would have lost their identity and survival. If education suspends, it will lead to the suspension of social growth. In the presence of the educative process, it can be hoped that the social values are become the part of personality of the youths.

Education causes social growth : 

As education depends on society for its existence, social development largely rests on society. No society can touch the height of prosperity without promoting the educative process. The process of social development halts without education. The society without education is like a traveler who has led astray. The social growth is, closely connected with the educational development. The all-round development of the society is caused by a smooth running of a system of education in the society. 

Society serves as a guide of education : 

Society not only determines the aims of education but also guides the educative process at every step. The society objects on all the inappropriate measures and steps to be taken and suggests the best possible options available to the educative process. The society cannot bear with such educational activities which are against the social values and interests. To me, the society guides the educative process and thereby enables it to attain the social objectives associated with the social development.

Survival of society rests on education : 

Social survival refers to the continuous flowing, rule of righteous values and unity of social elements to be observed in the social institutions. Along with the continuity of human life, education is held responsible for the Survival of society. The lives of society and education depend on each other. Education designs such programs which pave the way to social survival. The educative process is processed for the benefit of society. This benefit, in the true sense, leads to the destination of social survival and stability.

Education reconstructs values : 

Reconstruction refers to the modification and up gradation of the components of a phenomenon or ideology. Reconstruction also includes the re-evaluation of those doctrines, values, traditions and thoughts which are directly concerned with the human life affairs. The concept of social stability is not confined to the promotion and transmission of social values. Re-evaluation of social values is also included in the concept of social stability. The social needs change with the change of time. In the circumstance, it seems essential to harmonize the social values with the social needs. This is the duty of the school to constantly evaluate the social values. It should also have an eye on the phenomenon to what extent social values are contributing to the cause of social stability. T o my mind, reconstruction of social values is a significant function of education without which  the destination of social stability cannot be attained.

Education promotes civilization : 

Education not only transmits values but also develops and promotes civilization. Rise, and fall of civilizations is, in fact, the rise and fall of education. The role of education regarding civilization. is multi-sided. It promotes and cultivates civilization. It also reduces the possibilities of clash between the civilizations. The national ideology, values and traditions are the components of civilization. The rule of an ideology is, in fact, the rule of a particular civilization. All this is not possible without an effective system of education. If there is no education, there is no civilization altogether. When the process of the development of civilization halts, the process of  social development also suspends which consequently causes social death of the individuals. Thus, it is a visible reality that education is the only means of growth and promotion of civilization.


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