Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Define learning by imitation and what the steps in learning by imitation are

Learning by imitation refers to the learning process which is Characterized by the actual copying of the behavior of others. If a child follows the accent of his/her mother, this is what we say imitative learning. Adaptation of pronunciation of the students with that of the teacher, conduct of the experiment by the students in the same manner the teacher did, and picture drawing by the students in the same fashion the teacher drew for them are the significant examples of learning by imitation. This learning, type is directly concerned with the observational ability of the individual. An individual can imitate the actions of others by employing the observational ability. To me, this mode of learning is based on observation. This learning can occur consciously or unconsciously. An individual learns through this method of learning throughout his/her life. Following are the necessary steps involved in the learning by imitation :

  • Observing others doing the activity : the individual observes the other individuals doing some sort of activity in the environment consciously or unconsciously.
  • Doing by own the activity observed : the individual attempts to do the observed activity by: his/her own. He/ she pays full attention to the activity undergone.
  • Identifying the mistakes in case of failure in imitation : the individual identifies the mistakes in case of failure. He/she critically evaluates his/her performance and collects the necessary relevant date. 
  • Control over the mistakes : the individual strives for overcoming the mistakes and eliminate all the wrong acts of imitation.
  • Redoing the activity : the individual ultimately succeeds in imitating an action and then he/ she repeatedly does the same successful activity.
  • Get mastery over the activity by repeated exercise : the individual practices much to have expertise in the imitated act so that he/ she may again perform it in the future.


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