Friday, 1 April 2016

Discuss the role of education in the development of an individual

Every child is born in a society. This very society turns him/her into an aware individual. Education renders valuable services in connection with the acquisition of the individual-oriented social objectives. Education prepares the individual for performing their social role successfully following the development of their abilities.
If there is no educative process, the individual might not have acquainted with his/her faculties. In this regard, education is essential for an individual. Every society acknowledges the role of education in the development of personality of an individual. The salient points regarding this role are discussed here under :-

  • Education makes the individuals acquainted with their capacities and potentials and consequently enables them to take part in the healthy social activities.
  • Education makes an individual self-aware, Divine-aware and socially-aware and thus turns him/her into a balanced and civilized individual of the society.
  • Education develops the personality of the individuals in line with the national philosophy of life. To my mind, education is the only means by which such individuals are produced whom God and society like.
  • Education awakens the civic sense Of the individuals. An individual is acquainted with social rights and duties by means of the educative process. This is the educative process which assists in securing the significant aim of establishment of a healthy society.
  • Education provides professional training to the individuals and thus enables them to take part in the healthy economic activities.
  • Education increases not only the individual income but also leaves positive effects on Grand National Income.
  • Education teaches the social role to the members of the society. The individual, aware of his/her social role, brings about social peace, stability and unity. 
  • Education develops a sense of moral values in the individual. The educated individuals absorb the :moral values into their personality and thus become a means of promotion of these social values.
  • Education tells the individuals about the abilities they possess, the trends they are born with, and  the professions which are in conformity with their abilities and tendencies. The individual is in a position to make right decision following the acquisition of such valuable information about his/her self.
  • Following the all-round personality development of the individuals, education introduces an individual as an aware and competent citizen. Such civilized and well-aware citizens render necessary services for the state and the nation as well.
  • Education maintains a pleasant harmony between the individual aspirations and the collective needs and thereby ensures the fulfillment of the needs of the individual and the: society as well. Education makes an individual understand his/her social role which the society expects.


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