Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Discuss the role of education in the development of society

The society depends on education for its stability, unity, peace and development; Education is the only tool which can guarantee the freshness and dynamism of a society. The overall development of a society lies in the educative process. The Whole civilization, social purity and flow of the society are subjected to education. In this sense, we may say that the role of education in the development of society is very significant which can be discussed in the following lines :-

  • The development of society is related with the development of the individual. The society develops with the development of the individuals. Education prepares the individual for playing their role for social growth following the development of their faculties.
  • The existence and survival of society is subjected to the educative process. Education brings about such conditions and opportunities which lead to the existence of a society. The society should be indebted to the education for taking steps for the existence and survival of the society.  
  • Education not only transmits the social values to the next generation but also reconstructs the social values. The impure elements are eliminated from the social values before their transmission to the next generations by means of the process of reconstruction.
  • The people of a balanced and healthy society, are well aware of their social rights and duties. Their thoughts and believe are in harmony with the social values. Education endeavors for the acquisition of this social aim in an organized and meaningful manner. Education is the only means of preparation of the individual bearing the quality of social agreeableness.
  • Education promotes, safeguards and transmits the national ideology and cultural heritage, If the educative process is eliminated from the social settings, the social values might not be transmitted to the future generations.
  • Education tells the society; what is the pattern of training of the individuals; what can be expected from the individuals and what type of new social trends can rise on the social horizon and how they can be absorbed into the daily social life. 
  • Society is a composition of people having different capacities and abilities. Some people- leave positive impressions on society. On contrary, some people distort the images of the society by means of their character and conduct. Education maintains a record of all good and bad characters and conducts. Keeping in view the record of this character balance sheet, education designs its future strategy.
  • Education leads the members of the society to the right direction of thoughts and actions. History witnesses that the character of the individuals bring  about the rise and fall of a society. The future of a society depends on the  character and conduct of the individuals. If the social values are mirrored in the character of the individuals, it can be hoped that the future of a society would be bright.
  • Every society needs such individuals who can play their role in the material and non-material development of the society. For the acquisition of this significant social aim, education trains the intellect and reason of the individuals and teaches them professional skills. These excellences and skills contribute much towards the academic and material development of the society. Education provides such competent, skilled and aware individuals who play their role in the all-round development of the social environment.
  • Every society has the desire for fulfilling the contemporary global demands so that it can compete with the other societies. Education offers its services for the acquisition of this significant social aim. It prepares the individuals of the society to face the present day challenges and needs. The society changes itself according to the changing conditions by means of the abilities and faculties of the individuals.


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