Monday, 28 March 2016

Discuss the relationship between education and society or Give an account of the significance of society for education

The existence and survival of a society lies in the transmission of academic excellences and cultural values to the future generation. This process of transmission requires a system to be developed. This system is termed as ‘education’. Education is the fundamental need of a society. The society remains dynamic and moving only by means of the educative process. Education and society depend on each other. Their mutual relationship can be described in the following lines :-

  • Education prepares such individuals who can play their role in the social development and thereby can cause social stability.
  • Society is composed of individuals and the society needs such individuals who can bring about the promotion of social values. Education is the sonly means by which the individuals, bearing social values in their personality, are produced.
  • Education derives its objectives from society. An organized system of education is developed for the realization of predetermined aims of education. This system of education is constituted in line with the social values and traditions. 
  • The educative process is carried out for the welfare of the society. The educative process can only justify its existence if the society exists. Society provides justification for the conduct of the educative process.
  • The resident of a society can become a useful citizen only by means of the educative process. Education is the only tool for developing social agreeableness in the individuals of the society.
  • Education safeguards and transmits the national ideology, cultural heritage and social values. The cultural heritage cannot be transmitted to the future generations with a formal system of education.
  • Education reconstructs the social values and traditions. Education transmits only those values and traditions to the future generations which are desirable.
  • Society influences the educative process. The social changes also affect the process of education. Education always follows the social aspirations and ideals. All the social aspirations are mirrored in the aims of education.
  • A society is established in conformity with the national ideology by means of the educative process. The curricular and co-curricular activities help in developing, the personality of the individual in line with the demands of national ideology. 
  • Education trains and develops the political vision and insight of the individuals, This political insight paves the way to promotion of human values and stability of the political institutions.


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