Sunday, 31 May 2015

Discuss the moral aims of education

Moral gains of education refer to the character development of the individuals, promotion cf values, and development of productive human traditions. Education is the sole source of developing the moral character of the individuals in the light of life ideology. The aims of education concerned with the character development of the individual cannot be fulfilled without a system of education. To me, following are the significant moral gains of education :-

Purification of soul : 

Purification of soul is the fundamental moral gain of education. Purification of soul refers to harmonize the self character and potentials of the individual with the Divine will. Education is, in fact, a process of soul
purification which leads to the spiritual destination proposed by God. When a soul is purified, it leads to the purification of all the human deeds in life. That is why; purification of soul is a notable gain of education.

Propagation of moral values : 

Propagation of moral values is one of the most significant moral gains of education. Every society has its own set of system of values according to which the members of  society lead their lives. A society discriminates itself  from the other societies on the basis of values and traditions. The moral values such~as truthfulness, justice, brotherhood, piety, devoutness, honesty, promise fulfillment, benevolence and generosity are propagated and transmitted to the present and future generations by means of the educative process The society run by these values paints a picture of heaven. These very values pave the way to social stability and economic rise.

Character building : 

Character building is an important responsibility of education. Every system of education has the aim of character building of the individuals to achieve through the formal educational settings. Better and stable social life largely depends of the moral training of the individuals. The education which cannot provide moral training of the individuals is useless and unproductive. For the character building of the individuals, the students should be taught moral subjects in the schools.

Moral training : 

For the accomplishment of the national aims, moral training of the individuals in the light of social values is necessary. This is the responsibility of education to develop the character of the individuals in the light of national ideology. Moral training of the individuals serves valuable purposes for the Society. This is an
effective source of individual and collective development.

Healthy moral environment :

Provision of healthy moral environment to the individuals of the society is an important gain of education. A healthy moral environment allows an individual to practice moral values with his free will. Such environment is helpful in the promotion and development of established moral values and traditions. Education should take steps to maintain a healthy moral environment in the schools. 


Friday, 29 May 2015

Briefly discuss the academic gains of education

Academic gains of education are concerned with these information and discoveries which change human understanding about society and universe. For instance, this is an academic gain of education that scientific approach is produced in an individual. For the acquisition of this academic gain of education, it is necessary
to make an individual acquainted with the scientific discoveries and principles discovered. To me, following are the significant academic gains of education :-

Expansion in academic excellencies : 

Education gives rise to sciences, skills and discoveries. The subject-matter of natural and social sciences has much increased because of education. The content and subject-matter of various sciences are, in fact, academic excellencies which are being increased with the passage of time. If the educative process suspends, the evolution and development of various sciences would come to an end and the world would go back to the Stone Age again.

Preservation of knowledge : 

The facts, truths and findings collected from various fields cannot be preserved and safeguarded without the process of education. Education is the only key to preservation of knowledge acquired through different
means. If education did not exist, there would be no academic capital in the hands of mankind. Discovered truths and other academic excellences are preserved in terms of curriculum. Then, this curriculum is transmitted to the next generations through the instructional process.

Research tendency : 

Development of research tendency is another academic gain of education. Research in various fields of knowledge has significantly increased the academic capital. The subject specialists and experts are contributing to natural and social sciences in the research centers. Research is an integral part of the educative process. Findings of the research activities are included in the process of education in terms of curriculum. This curriculum, afterwards, brings about individual and collective development and productive evolution. If the research activities are not carried out, the development in various fields of knowledge would discontinue.

Reconstruction of knowledge : 

Reconstruction of knowledge refers to the modification and re-organization in the existing body of knowledge. This medication is carried out on the basis of research. Old theories are replaced by newer ones
due to the educative process. New content is added in the subject-matter of various subjects due to the new discoveries and principles. All this is termed as reconstruction of knowledge and this paves the way to the development of mankind. In this sense, we may say that reconstruction of knowledge is another academic gain of education.

Preparation for global leadership : 

Education prepares the individuals of the society for global leadership. The experts hold that 'preparation for global leadership' is an important academic gain of education. A nation gets the destination of scientific and technological progress due to education. Education enables an individual to play his role in the global community. History knows that the nations, who are the leaders in the fields of science and technology, lead the rest of the nations.

Acquaintance with earthly responsibilities : 

Education enables the individuals to know their earthly responsibilities. Education also tells the individual the purpose of life and human existence. Man has been sent down on earth for the fulfillment of particular functions. For these functions, man has been declared the 'supreme being'. When an individual is aware of his responsibilities, it brings about behavioral changes in the individual. When behavioral changes occur in the individual, it paves the way to individual and collective development and betterment.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Discuss the salient points of economic foundation of education

Consideration of the economic needs - of the individual and society is a significant economic foundation of a system of education. This foundation is composed of many thoughts, doctrines and theories. To my mind, following are the notable points regarding the economic foundation of education :-

  • A sense of dignity of lawful earning should be awakened in the individuals through education.
  • The economic research should be included in the educative research so that new vistas of economic development may be opened.
  • A comprehensive plan must be arranged in order to discover the hidden natural resources of the universe. In this way, the country will become prosperous and economically stable.
  • The content of curriculum should consist of such information and activities which clarify the concepts of lawful and unlawful earning in the light of life ideology.
  • A comprehensive program should be designed to make the manpower of the country competent, trained and skillful.
  • There is a need for strengthening a sense in the individual that struggle for lawful livelihood is worship.
  • Necessary steps should be taken to remove the obstacles in the way to sound economic development. This is the only .way to discourage the exploiting, corrupting and unlawful money making elements of the society.
  • For the fulfillment of the financial needs of the individual, the society should increase the earning and employment opportunities, This increase will lead to economic development.
  • The all-round development of the society can be ensured by producing skilled individuals for various professions.
  • The financial problems of the economically deprived class can be reduced by the promotion of feelings like tolerance, unity, and fraternity among the member of the society.
  • Economic stability is a source of social stability. It seems necessary that the individual should be ideologically and professionally trained as well.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Define economic foundation of education and Discuss the relationship between education and economics

Economic foundation of education refers to those factors of individual and collective economic development which are considered during the formulation of a system of education for a nation. A struggle for the fulfillment of material needs of the individuals is the fundamental subject of economics. Education develops the potentials and abilities of the individuals for the fulfillment of these needs. It can be clearly seen that there is a close relationship between education and economies. This relationship is explained in the flowing lines :-

  • Education paves the way to the fulfillment of the economic needs of the individual and society. This close relationship between education and economic needs has been acknowledged by the leading educational economists of the world.
  • Education trains the individuals of the society and. prepares them participate in the economic-oriented activities in the society. This training provides necessary skillful manpower.
  • A trained and skillful society is, basically a economically stable society. Thus, economic stability had deep concerns with the educated society.
  • Research in education has brought about many new theories of economic development. These theories have opened new vistas of economic growth.
  • Education uplifts the standard of living of the individuals. This increase in standard of living leads to the increase in grant national incomes.
  • Economic prosperity leads to the social stability. All these changes are the product of education.
  • A financially satisfied person performs his social role effectively and efficiently. This financial satisfaction brings about social agreeableness.


Define social foundation of education and also briefly discuss the salient points regarding social foundation of education

Social foundation of education refers to those social needs of the individuals and sources of social stability which are taken into account in connection with the development of a system of education for a nation. Social needs are the foundations of the educative process throughout the globe. This very social consideration is called social foundation of education. With the help of this foundation, the educational objectives like ‘social development of the individuals’ and ‘social stability’ are realized. Following are the salient points regarding the social foundation of education :-

  • Society fixes the responsibility of providing such individuals who are equipped with the social values and cause social stability.
  • Every society is confronted with many problems. Education identifies the problems faced by the society. Education is the only device by which organized efforts are made to solve the social problems. 
  • Every nation has the desire to make the national ideology as the foundation of social life. Education takes the responsibility of making the national ideology as the part of their personality.
  • Education teaches the students that mankind is a one family. The world peace lies in the promotion of mutual co-operation among the individuals.
  • It is mandatory to education to pave the way to justice, tolerance, and unity in the society and thereby cause global peace.
  • Social awareness must be produced through curricular and co-curricular activities so that a pious and righteous society may be established.
  • A sense of social rights and duties should be produced through education. A balanced society may be established in this way.
  • Education safeguards and transmits the social values. If education does not realize this mandatory responsibility, the social might have been removed and society might have been devoid of social values.
  • When the social values are practiced on a large scale in the society, they provide an opportunity to the anti-social phenomena to enter the social sphere. Education critically evaluates these anti-social phenomena. It discriminates the righteous values from the anti-social ones and takes measures to transmit the righteous ones to the next generations.
  • A society should know its past, present and probable future. It should keep an eye on the social conditions of the past so as to save the existing problems. Education observes the social problems from a variety of angels and consequently suggests appropriate solutions of these problems.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Briefly discuss the role of school in the society or Discuss school as a social centre

School is a social institution which builds the personality and character of the youths in accordance with the social aspirations and needs. As a social centre, school provides such experiences to the students which help them develop their natural abilities. Society fixes the responsibility of character building of the members of
society on the shoulders of education. The role of school in the society can be manifested in the following lines :-

Acquaintance with life ideology : 

Every nation follows an ideology of life which gives an identity to the nation. This ideology provides a line of action to the nation for leading successful individual and collective life. Every Society longs for enabling the new generation acquainted with life ideology: The society sets up educational institutions for the realization of this national objective. This is the duty of the school to impart the national ideology to the children and provide all sorts of help for leading life according to the national ideology.

Transmission of cultural values : 

Every society has the desire to propagate and promote its civilization and culture. When people belonging to various societies feel pride in adopting a particular culture, it indicates the propagation of a particular culture. Every society takes steps for the promotion of its cultural values by means of the educative process. This is the duty of school to indoctrinate the social, religious, cultural and moral values to the Students. This is the foremost responsibility of the school which cannot be ignored in any case.

Social agreeableness : 

Education develops a social sense in the students. This ability enables them to lead a balanced and adjusted life in the society. This is the responsibility of education to bring school and society closer to each other. This
closeness brings about social agreeableness which is a significant social aim of education. The society expects that the school would teach the social values and ethical. manners to the children and thereby make them useful and productive citizens. The school administration should produce a society-oriented environment in the school so that the students may learn the social rules and values before entering the society.

Civic training : 

Education develops the social understanding of the individuals. After being educated,.they observe respect for the social environment. To my mind, school is the only place which can provide civic training to. the individuals. The people should be equipped with the emotions of love, justice, and mutual-respect. These emotions are necessary for pleasant and productive social life. If the children have respect for the national and social to the maximum extent, they would be considered as socially trained.

Reconstruction Of social order : 

Education is a process of imparting social values and ethics to the students so that they may become useful citizens. The social needs and demands change as the time passes. In the changing social conditions, this is the duty of school to critically and impartially evaluate the changing demands of life. It should select those activities for the student which may harmonize them with the modern social needs. In short, reconstruction of social life is one of the significant responsibilities of the educative process.

Promotion of democratic values : 

A school takes steps for the provision of such environment which allows democratic values to flourish in the personality and character of the children. The school, as a social centre, provides the opportunities of
freedom of expression. They are left with the liberty to. speak whatever they wish to speak. The teacher should ensure the participation of the students in the instructional process. Their aspirations and desires should be honored and steps should be taken up for the realization of their inner desires.

Development of abilities : 

Every child is born with peculiar individual abilities and faculties. This is the responsibility of the educative process to help the child in the development and training of the granted abilities. A balanced system of education is responsible for the comprehensive development of the abilities of the students: The school should make arrangements for the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a child’s personality. The co-curricular activities play a significant role in the development of various aspects of the personality of the children. That is why; a school promotes co-curricular activities in the premises of the school.

Fulfillment of national aims : 

The School is a Significant source of realization of national aims and priorities. It should train the students in line with the national aims and ideals. A nation expects that the educated children would fulfill the national aims and ideals after being educated. There should be no negligence on the part of school in fulfilling the national aims set by the society. If education is not able to fulfill the said aims, it would be considered as unproductive and futility of time.

Safeguard of civilization & culture : 

Every society has a particular ideology according to Which it decides the various affairs of its life. All the societies vary in cultural values and social fabrics. This very difference in cultural values distinguishes one society from the others. Every society has the desire to transfer its culture and civilization to the safe hands. School is the only means which take steps for the safeguard of culture and civilization of-a nation. Safeguard of civilization is a very sensitive responsibility which is taken up by education as a representative of society.

Character building : 

The school should build the character and personality of the students in line with national ideology by means of various curricular and co-curricular activities. The national life philosophy should be reflected in the
personality of the children. Their conduct should speak the national code of conduct. The school should provide the freedom of expression to the students so they may grow their natural freedom. The student should be persuaded to follow the golden immortal values like truthfulness, industriousness, fraternity, honesty, piety fulfillment of promise, and trustworthiness.

Propagation of civilization & culture : 

Every society is desirous of promoting its culture and civilization. It has also a great longing for adopting its culture by the people belonging to other societies. Every society promotes its cultural traditions by means of the educative process. This is the responsibility of the school to persuade the children to accept the social. religious, moral, cultural and ethical values. This is the type of responsibility which can be turned down in any case. If culture is not propagated through education, the new generation will not be aware of the cultural values which are necessary for the growth and survival of the Society.


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