Monday, 18 May 2015

Discuss the salient points of economic foundation of education

Consideration of the economic needs - of the individual and society is a significant economic foundation of a system of education. This foundation is composed of many thoughts, doctrines and theories. To my mind, following are the notable points regarding the economic foundation of education :-

  • A sense of dignity of lawful earning should be awakened in the individuals through education.
  • The economic research should be included in the educative research so that new vistas of economic development may be opened.
  • A comprehensive plan must be arranged in order to discover the hidden natural resources of the universe. In this way, the country will become prosperous and economically stable.
  • The content of curriculum should consist of such information and activities which clarify the concepts of lawful and unlawful earning in the light of life ideology.
  • A comprehensive program should be designed to make the manpower of the country competent, trained and skillful.
  • There is a need for strengthening a sense in the individual that struggle for lawful livelihood is worship.
  • Necessary steps should be taken to remove the obstacles in the way to sound economic development. This is the only .way to discourage the exploiting, corrupting and unlawful money making elements of the society.
  • For the fulfillment of the financial needs of the individual, the society should increase the earning and employment opportunities, This increase will lead to economic development.
  • The all-round development of the society can be ensured by producing skilled individuals for various professions.
  • The financial problems of the economically deprived class can be reduced by the promotion of feelings like tolerance, unity, and fraternity among the member of the society.
  • Economic stability is a source of social stability. It seems necessary that the individual should be ideologically and professionally trained as well.


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