Friday, 29 May 2015

Briefly discuss the academic gains of education

Academic gains of education are concerned with these information and discoveries which change human understanding about society and universe. For instance, this is an academic gain of education that scientific approach is produced in an individual. For the acquisition of this academic gain of education, it is necessary
to make an individual acquainted with the scientific discoveries and principles discovered. To me, following are the significant academic gains of education :-

Expansion in academic excellencies : 

Education gives rise to sciences, skills and discoveries. The subject-matter of natural and social sciences has much increased because of education. The content and subject-matter of various sciences are, in fact, academic excellencies which are being increased with the passage of time. If the educative process suspends, the evolution and development of various sciences would come to an end and the world would go back to the Stone Age again.

Preservation of knowledge : 

The facts, truths and findings collected from various fields cannot be preserved and safeguarded without the process of education. Education is the only key to preservation of knowledge acquired through different
means. If education did not exist, there would be no academic capital in the hands of mankind. Discovered truths and other academic excellences are preserved in terms of curriculum. Then, this curriculum is transmitted to the next generations through the instructional process.

Research tendency : 

Development of research tendency is another academic gain of education. Research in various fields of knowledge has significantly increased the academic capital. The subject specialists and experts are contributing to natural and social sciences in the research centers. Research is an integral part of the educative process. Findings of the research activities are included in the process of education in terms of curriculum. This curriculum, afterwards, brings about individual and collective development and productive evolution. If the research activities are not carried out, the development in various fields of knowledge would discontinue.

Reconstruction of knowledge : 

Reconstruction of knowledge refers to the modification and re-organization in the existing body of knowledge. This medication is carried out on the basis of research. Old theories are replaced by newer ones
due to the educative process. New content is added in the subject-matter of various subjects due to the new discoveries and principles. All this is termed as reconstruction of knowledge and this paves the way to the development of mankind. In this sense, we may say that reconstruction of knowledge is another academic gain of education.

Preparation for global leadership : 

Education prepares the individuals of the society for global leadership. The experts hold that 'preparation for global leadership' is an important academic gain of education. A nation gets the destination of scientific and technological progress due to education. Education enables an individual to play his role in the global community. History knows that the nations, who are the leaders in the fields of science and technology, lead the rest of the nations.

Acquaintance with earthly responsibilities : 

Education enables the individuals to know their earthly responsibilities. Education also tells the individual the purpose of life and human existence. Man has been sent down on earth for the fulfillment of particular functions. For these functions, man has been declared the 'supreme being'. When an individual is aware of his responsibilities, it brings about behavioral changes in the individual. When behavioral changes occur in the individual, it paves the way to individual and collective development and betterment.


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