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Define society and also discuss its salient characteristics

Society means a group of individuals living in a specific geographical territory who share a culture which forms the basis for the rules that guide their behavior.
Society consists of a group of people interacting within a limited territory guided by their culture.
Society refers to a group of people united together for securing the collective goals and adopt a particular social order. Society refers to a collection of interacting individuals, sharing the same culture and territory. Society means a fairly large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent of people outside it.
Society means a population whose members share a cultural identity and way of life, interact in patterned Ways and occupy common geographic territory.
Society means a relatively self-sufficient and self-sustaining group of people who are united by social relationships and who live in a particular territory.

A society is composed of men and women. This combination of both the sexes gives birth to the society as a living organism. The experts have pointed out the following salient Characteristics of a society :-

  • Every society is established» within a specified territory. The people living outside the geographical boundaries of a society are not considered the members of the particular society.
  • The individuals of the society exhibit mutual cooperation. Despite having individuality, they endeavor for the fulfillment of collective needs. In this way, a handsome balance is observed between individualism and collectivism.
  • A society is a combination of social groups. These groups come into being by means of social interactions. These social groups constitute various institutions and these institutions lead to the establishment of a society.
  • The society is composed of the individual having different abilities. The basic function of the society is to satisfy the needs of the individuals. Various social institutions e.g. family, religious places, schools, financial institutions, political institutions, courts, perform their functions to satisfy the needs of the individuals of the society.
  • Every society has its own culture which is different from other cultures. Every society endeavors to preserve, increase, safeguard and to transmit its a culture. The survival of society and culture depends on each other.
  • The social norms are the integral part of the structure of a society Which is the collection of traditions and customs. These norms are the protector of our social values. The strict observance of social norms causes social stability and social discipline. Violation of social norms leads to the social indiscipline and social astray.
  • Every society has its organized social system which is moral destination of the members of the society. The individuals attempt their best to acquire and learn these social values and enhance the quality of social life. The civilized and aware citizens do not violate these social established norms of the society. 
  • Every society on the earth is confronted with social problems. There are different social problems in different societies. Poverty, illiteracy, environmental pollution, collapse of family system, and human smuggling are leading social problems of the globe.
  • Every society has its system of reward and punishment. The people, who exhibit excellent performance in various fields, are rewarded with medals and national signs. On contrary, the criminals and law-breaking individuals are punished in terms of fine, imprisonment and death penalty.
  • Every society is based on some common interest of the people. For instance, fulfillment of the basic needs of the people, defense of the country, a balanced system of education, national development and the just division of products are some significant common interests of the people of a society. The people of a society co-operate each other for the fulfillment Of these common interests.


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