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However to begin a Yarn Business in Wholesale market?

Questioning however to begin a wholesale yarn business? We contain you stepwise from begin to success.

Valuate the competitor

Before opening a business sold in your vicinity, it is important to determine how to adapt in a competitive environment. Try our link below competitors in your area. Enter your city, state and zip code a list of major companies in over your city.

Before opening the shop, make sure you know what's going to be their customers a significant advantage over its competitors that it offers.

For more information about the industry

To open a wholesale yarn is a good idea, as much as you can from someone who learned of information already in the company. If you think your local competitors for advice, are still too optimistic. What is there for them?

On the other hand, a person selling a wholesale company yarn in another town has to be willing to share their wisdom with you business, as soon as they realize that they are not competing directly with them in their community. In fact, many experienced entrepreneurs enjoy the advice to start-up entrepreneurs. In my experience, you may ask to ten entrepreneur, someone who is willing to share their knowledge with you to find.

The Franchising can go a better way

Your chances of the company's goal to achieve their business goals higher increases significantly when the franchise instead of doing everything yourself.

Before a company selling wholesale yarn, is a smart move to check whether it is good franchise opportunities, alleviate your start up process can be.


How to start and open Yarn Business?

Starting a Business of yarn may be the solution if you open your own business like to create and enjoy knitting and do similar jobs.

Unlike other small retail stores, you can have a store first if you know what kind of yarn to sell better.

The personal interaction with customers want, at least in the early years, is also a better understanding of the demand for products, issues of tissue, and other customer preferences to create a business yarn.

Describes some points To Success while opening A Yarn Business

Marketing is the management of a successful company is crucial, and is also one of the most expensive. With the current economic situation, companies are still trying to look for ways to improve sales at lower prices. A good way to do this is with the participation of the community.

Reaching the senior centers to create groups or crocheted fabrics, offer courses at your local yarn and knitting patterns donate to charities and offer discounts for knitting supplies. If people on the best places to buy yarn to talk, your name will surely come when you are known locally.

Note that the yarn of knitting is often sold, all you have to do is to make available at an affordable price and that the public know you're open for business. The wire is something of a niche market: the yarn manufacturers know what they do seriously, and usually that its able to achieve without the distractions of a department store. Your company can benefit from it.

Another great marketing tool that is easy to acquire and maintain a website. Many ISPs offer free web pages, and you can use this to your yarn use and storage of the product, create a calendar of upcoming courses and even download free templates. Over time, you can make your full e-commerce site to gain the world and to customers.

Development of activities in the yarn

Even before setting up his shop, you can deliver actions in relation to knitting and crocheting to add. Many craftsmen yarn also enjoy other crafts such as quilting and embroidery fabric. Medical Supplies of these trades have little room and just stay in effect without his integrity.


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Some Signs of a fraudulent Forex Broker

Forex brokers are, if not chosen wisely, in the framework of the sale of skin rash or outlets which are preset point dishonest. You should continue with such behavior, to recognize a good agent of evil.

As newcomers, we can carry out approach merchants or colleagues a little research on the Internet. No official confirmation of the acceptance of a corridor of darkness and make things much easier for you. However, there are online forums for users used to discuss this issue and you can choose from a number of useful tips. Talking to people who have used the services of multiple agents can also help you develop an idea of the characteristics of a dishonest broker should be considered.

Here are some tips on it:

1. If an agent says he is determined marginal conditions, you should also see how it works. The broker must be honest with you and analyze the nature of the risks they can afford. After you sign an agreement on the amount. Beyond the purchase and sale is executed by the broker.

2. Placed on the liquidity of the Forex market, agents recommend the distribution of certain variables. These guidelines are not so easy to understand and can vary from broker to broker. On the other hand, some Forex brokers have set areas, regardless of market conditions at any time. Suck runners seem to be more reliable than others.

3. Some other infraction is used as a corridor extends its formula based on the type of customer. These customers are probably on the receiving end, the biggest difference. Improve Trade Finance or a statement of the matter is disseminated.

4. That's always advisable to consult the print policy rather than orally transmitted to you by the Forex broker. Many suppliers are only convinced by the promises, but later learn to regret.

5. When a broker does not include customer service, after bidding farewell better. Newcomers, particularly the need to ensure that the forex broker offers full support, both in understanding and implementing the treatment.

A strong support system in the form of Forex broker makes a big difference in terms of total trade.


The most important things you in forex trading to be successful

I Acknowledge that experiment can earn an income online forex trading to move very difficult. It is a competitive enterprise, this can work only if you choose the right strategy.

Sometimes you feel you will never succeed as you try to keep various things and still lose money, time and again. I know how you feel, I've been there.

Good for you that I am good. I can tell you exactly where it goes wrong on the foreign exchange market trading goes. This is the same place was wrong!

The problem is that they are not sufficient to implement sophisticated systems.

As easy as it sounds, that your problem. One step back for a second and think what you want, where your negotiating skills are today and where you want. Do you have a clear plan for where you want to be and how it works?

If you struggle to trade profitably in the currency markets are there usually some very obvious problems in the hand. It runs on everything, whether you have a proven business strategy and profitable to follow.

There are many good strategies and concepts are, you can try a new every day. This is something that must be overcome.
Focus on a strategy at a time.

More than likely, the reason I decided to join my newsletter Forex, because for a profitable strategy, trade and tested by looking ... want to know how to make a regular income by trading in the foreign exchange market.

Now, before the promise to ensure that it works for you will.

It is likely that the search for a strategy change operations because they want to achieve their dreams ... I can do to help you.

Before you even consider playing a professional learning strategy must ensure that it works for you. You want 100% sure that they benefit from this strategy much time or money to learn.

They are essentially a waste of time and money to read about a strategy if it does not work.

So how do you know if the strategy works for you?

They're simple. You must ensure that these two lines.

1st. You must be backtested. This means that you should be able to see how it was done in the past.

2nd. Must be profitable. It is in the last X years, on average, has been profitable for the person following.


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Management and Secretarial Practice of Company

Authority of Management

The following groups are responsible for monitoring and managing the affairs of the company.

a. Partner.

b. Board of Directors.

c. Administration.

d. Secretary.

e. CEOs.

f. Management Agents.

g. High staff employees of the company, namely, the bookkeeper, superintendent, treasurer, secretary, Foreman.

Definition of Director:
The term director may cast as the person by the administration to be defined.

The directors are representatives of the shareholders. It's one of those authorized to make management of the company. The directors are collectively known as the Board of Directors. They frame the policies and decisions to reach financial goals.

Leadership positions.

Managers have two positions in society.

1. As a proxy.

2. As a trustee.

1. As a proxy.

The directors are regarded as a special agent of the firm and ordinary means. The order to join the company as in its responsibility. He is not personally liable for contracts on behalf of the company. Since the agents are authorized to operate in all areas, but their powers are limited by law.

2. As Trustee.

i. The Trustees are the guardians of society to some degree.

ii. The powers in the hand for the exercise of corporate earnings set.

iii. You have the power to make calls, assign actions, execute the display and actions.

iv. They are the guardians of the company, but not to individual shareholders or a third person.

Number of directors.

In the case of state enterprises.

Must manage a minimum of seven directors of the Company under Section 174 of the Company-Regulation 1984th The maximum number of directors are appointed in accordance with the Statute. Under Article 177 of all directors will be responsible to remove the deadline in § 180th

In the case of private companies.

Its shareholders may choose at least two directors and the maximum number of directors is described in the statute. Retirement benefits of Directors are not to private companies.


There are two qualifications of directors,

1. Share Valuation.

2. Education and Training.

1. Share Valuation (Imprint).

A rating action is required by law. However, it is by the statutes, if a certain measure of qualification by the statutes can be fixed requires each director must its share of qualification within two months after his appointment or such shorter period as the need to deteffi1ined the article.

2. Education and Training.

As managers have to take the leading role in internal and external business processes have the following specific skills education and training.

a. Mind must be healthy.

b. Need to know the process of organizing, planning, coordination. and control of the company.

c. It should be tactful and know how to eliminate complaints from different people.

d. In particular, asset managers have skill in the concerned company and know the process and production industry in which they were appointed.

e. can must be. possess leadership qualities, common sense, confidence, spirit and self-discipline.

Director's remuneration.

a. The directors are not entitled to compensation where this is permitted by law.

b. Companies to the amount of the remuneration of its General Assembly by resolution.

c. May by mutual agreement between the director and the company are set.

d. Can be based on the percentage of net profit.

e. Can be fixed at their respective meetings in the resolution by the directors.

f. The compensation can be described in a social contract.

Any how he should set the remuneration in the prospectus and the profit and loss account of the Company.


Factor of Pricing

Four factors of production, namely land, labor, capital and organization committed to a certain level of production. The fees are charged for their services.
Owner gets the income, the type of work for wages, the capitalist receives the interest and the organization of services. These are the rewards of the factors of production. The sum of these prices of production factors in an economy in a year is the national income. Profit distribution of the inputs than the national distribution of income or price factors are known.

The simple aim of a firm is the maximization of revenue. Symbolically,

= R - P

It shows that the utility of two components, namely, revenues and costs, of course, is determined to cost one of the main pillars of the theory of profit. Premium payments in the amount of inputs is cost. Therefore, determining rewards / price of production factors plays an essential role in business activities.
Let us now discuss the various theories for the optimum value of factors of production to be determined. We first discuss the theory of marginal productivity.

We consider the general theory of income distribution or the price factor in the sense that for all factors of production. The classical theory of prices of production factors are known.


In general, the theory of marginal productivity with the name of JB Clark's place. In any case, Madera, Walras and Marshall are considered the main causes.
Import price and use of entry are considered essential for a company to compensate. Marginal productivity theory, the basic principles that would allow an undertaking to the optimal price and level of input use.

Nature of analysis:

Marginal productivity theory may be talked about nether 2 types:

(i) Partial analysis (ii) General analysis


Some the cases are grounded about the being Premises

1. Perfect competition.

It is perfect competition in the market for goods and factor markets.

2. Homogeneity.

All units are homogeneous in the capacity factor, efficiency, experience, etc.

3. Mobility.

Factors are mobile and can move from one place to another, from one job to another job for a better reward in the economy.

4. Interchangeability.

The factors are perfect substitutes for each other.

5. Law of diminishing returns.

Right to work, decrease, reduction of the marginal product of the successive application of more variable factor of production fixed factor of production.

6. Sever-ability.

The various units of the factors are separable.

7. Full employment.

There is full employment of factors and resources.

8. Maneuverability.

Marginal productivity of a single factor that can be measured.

9. Profit maximization.

The main objective of a company is to maximize profits.

10. Perfectly elastic.

Providing input is perfectly elastic, ie the required units of the variable (whatever) be on the current price.

11. The long-term analysis.

The theory is a long time and other factors can be fixed size factor.

12. General theory.

It applies to all production factors.

13. No changes in technology.

The technique remains the same.

14. No action.

State does not intervene in the pricing of output and inputs (such as the implementation of price controls, minimum wage legislation, etc.)


Conflict or Difference Between Tax and Zakat

1. Difference in Case of Savings and Income :-
Zakat : Zakat is imposed on the savings of the people.
Tax : Tax is imposed on the incomes of the people.

2. Payment :-
Zakat : The payment of Zakat is a religious.
Tax : The payment of tax is not a religious duty if it is not paid then it will be violation of the laws of the state.

3. Difference in Rate :-
Zakat : The rate of Zakat is fixed foe ever.
Tax : The rate of tax changes with the changing conditions of the economy.

4. Case of Exemption :-
Zakat : Zakat can not be exempted.
Tax : Tax can be exempted in some conditions.

5. Difference in Utilization :-
Zakat : Zakat can be spent on specified items mentioned in Quran.
Tax : Tax is spent on the general welfare of the public.

6. Imposing Case :-
Zakat : Zakat is imposed only on the Muslims.
Tax : Tax is imposed on all the citizens, Muslims and Non-Muslims.

7. Paying Method :-
Zakat : Zakat is paid to needy and poor people.
Tax : Tax is collected by the government and spent on the general welfare.

8. Levied Method :-
Zakat : Zakat is levied on all types of goods like gold, animal, cash etc.
Tax : Tax is levied on the income of the people.

9. Difference in Feelings :-
Zakat : Zakat payer feels pleasure while paying Zakat.
Tax : Tax payer feel pinches while paying tax.


Basic Affects of Zakat in our society

We find 2 better affects of Zakat:

1. Affect on production of wealth

2. Affect on distribution of wealth

Affect on production of wealth:
The affect of the Zakat on the production of wealth may be explained as under.

1. Higher cash.

Zakat discourages hoarding and people can use their cash to encourage savings, investment and capital formation in the country. Investment in various sectors of the economy as a result of output increases.

2. faster movement of money.

Zakat helps speed the money because the demand for goods and services increased. Increases the amount of investment, income and employment.

3. higher capital formation.

Zakat is paid on savings is accumulated at least one year. Therefore reduces the absolute level of savings of a person. Their consumption levels, it is an irritant to the amount of savings increased. raises marginal savings used for capital additions in the country. This will undoubtedly promote the level of production in the economy.

4. More efficiency.

Since then, demand Zakat overall increase in consumer goods, consumption as a function of the community can be moved up in a macro sense. the economy would become more efficient.

Affect on distribution of wealth:
The affect of the Zakat on the distribution of wealth may be explained as under.

1. Automatic and equitable distribution.

2.5% of the wealth transfer from the rich to the poor each year in the form of zakat. That is, the wealth of the rich to transfer the poor community in the forties. This provides an automatic mechanism for the flow of wealth from rich to poor, because the fair sharing of wealth between the various sectors of society.
2. A better distribution of resources.

Money from rich to poor in the form of Zakat means that demand may increase according to the necessities of life. This is the production. The scarcity of resources has to go from the production of luxury goods. This is a better allocation and distribution of scarce resources.

3. Welfare.

The construction of social protection institutions with funds from zakat, to ensure equity in the economy.

4. Better standard of living.

Zakat is the highest quality of life for the poor in the process of redistribution of income.

5. In addition to the distribution of wealth.

Zakat restricts the ratio of wealth density in some hands.


Social and Economic value of Zakat

The following information's speculate economic and social importance of Zakat.

1. The purification of the soul.

Zakat purifies the soul of the taxpayer against the evils of greediness. It makes them more humble and righteous. It also creates the wealth of love between people discouraged.

2. healthy growth of the community.
Zakat showed a healthy growth of the economy and the community. Amounts to less fortunate in society.

3. Reducing economic inequality.

Zakat is the economic inequality in society is reduced to a minimum. The rich can not grow richer than the poorest of the poor from the ant.
4. In addition to the distribution of wealth.

Zakat fast increases the circulation of wealth. It discourages hoarding and provides an automatic mechanism for the flow of wealth from rich to poor, thus increasing the circulation of wealth in the community.

5. Main source of income.

Zakat occupies a central position in the financial structure of a Muslim state because it contributes significantly to the state treasury and provides sufficient funds to Govt.

6. equitable distribution of wealth.

Zakat is an important goal for the dissemination and distribution of wealth is fair and just. Make sure that the income is not centralized, but moves very quickly between different groups in society.

7. Reduced unemployment.

Zakat is an important tool to eliminate unemployment. The money can be received by the people and the poor can start a business.

8. Economic stability.

the problem of instability will not occur in an Islamic economy, because the mechanism of zakat. Zakat helps speed money because DC increases of goods and services. This determines the level of investment, income and unemployment stable footing.

9. Confidence.

Zakat eradication of poverty and the diversity of society. He brings great prosperity. We can take care of them, saving Zakat to be self-sufficient.

10. The accumulation of capital.

Al Zakat can people use their money for the capital to promote education in the country. their wealth, because the rate of economic growth and increasing prosperity.

11. Mobilization of resources.

People can get the income in the form of Zakat use of available resources. Thus, the maximum utilization of resources is possible.

12. Social Security.

Zakat funds to cover not only the poor and disabled, but also social security for the unemployed.

13. Welfare.

Hospitals, schools and craft for the poor can be built with Zakat funds. This promotes the social welfare of the country.

14. anti-social activities.

Zakat is paid, of course rizq-e-halal. Therefore, the Muslims pay Zakat from anti-social activities such as hoarding, smuggling dispense, etc.

15. Combat crime.

the main cause of crime, including theft is because of the poverty of the population. The problem of poverty can be easier Zakat. Thus, the crime can be controlled.


Benefaction role OF Zakat

The following essentials forced out Zakat.

1. The poor.

These are people that can not be treated as Sahib-e-Nisab.

2. The needy.

Theses people who do not earn their living with a disability can disable, for example, orphans, etc.

3. Zakat collectors.

These are people collect and distribute zakat to the poor and needy. their salaries are paid under the Zakat Fund.

4. The new Muslims.
These are people who have recently converted to Islam.

5. Slaves.

Zakat may be used to free the slaves and prisoners of war from their masters and enemies.

6. Debtor.

People who are strongly committed to pay Zakat, to get their debts, provided that the debt is not taken for reasons of sin.

7. Travelers.

Travellers can Zakat on their journey if they need money to complete.

8. Mujahidines.

Zakat to pay the Mujahideen, to prepare for jihad. The families of martyrs and religious educational institutions may request assistance from the Zakat Fund.

Zakat is therefore a source of financial support for the poor and needy.


Brief Knowledge of Zakat

Meanings of Zakat:

The word “Zakat” is an Arabic language word that expresses 2 formal meanings i-e

i. Purification

ii. Growth

This means that the purification of the soul, character, life and prosperity. Zakat purifies the soul of man to a person from illegal sources of income to keep, so that the love of materialism and overcome the pride of wealth. Wealth is loved by all, but what is the wealth achieved in the other goodness and purity. As the Quran in Sura Al Toubah.

Take alms of your property, you may want to clean and purify.

This means that anyone who pays the Zakat regularly, individual wealth and the wealth of the community with the blessing of Almighty God grows. On the other hand, God protect the wealth that has been paid to the Zakat and therefore peace of mind of the person who pays Zakat is growing

In economics , Zakat could be technically formed as comes:

"Zakat is a payment set Nisab Sahib and the Muslims in the proportions of itself or by the Islamic state for the poor and needy from the month of Rajab.

Judgment of Zakat:
As the judgment of Zakat, the being essential be kept seeable.

1. Sahib-e-nisab Muslim:
A Muslim who owns and has in his possession at least 7.5 52.5 Tola tola gold or silver or its equivalent in money is a Muslim and Nisab Sahib. It is your duty, Zakat to the fees paid by the Koran and the Hadith prescribed.
2. Disclosed and unexposed wealth:

Zakat is paid for two blazon of abundance i-e
Exposed wealth
Unexposed wealth

exposed to wealth is the wealth of society is exposed, for example, agricultural products, camels, sheep, minerals, etc. On the other hand, showed no wealth is the wealth, the company's exposure, such as gold, silver, cash, liquid assets, etc.

The rates of Zakat:
Zakat is paid as under these rates.

A. Silver,Gold and Cash:
Tola gold for at least 7.5, 52.5 Tola money or equivalent value in shares of companies or products or species, the rate of Zakat 2.5% of total assets or money.

B. Agriculture:
Usher Zakat is paid at 10% is irrigated agricultural land by natural sources and will be paid at a rate of 5% of the country by artificial sources such as canals, wells, etc. irrigated

C. Animals:

a. Zakat is paid on the bartering animals at the afterward rates:
b. One dupe from 40-120 goats . two dupe from 121-200 goats and three goats from 201-300 goats.
c. One cow from anniversary 40 cows.
d. One biscuit from anniversary 5 camels
d. Minerals
Zakat is paid on mineral e.g. atramentous , adamant , alkali , etc at the amount of 20%.


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Public Finance and Private Finance


public finance is a branch of economics that deals with the expenses and revenues from government to government in the economy.

The long-term financing is revenue and expenditure. If you have a link to the private sector, private financing is needed. On the other hand, if it related to the public sector, ie, the public finances.

Private Finance:
Deal to income and expenditure by the private sector.

Public Finance:
This revenue and expenditure of the Government Sector (public sector)

Public finance Vs Private finance
1. Time period: The public finances in a period of several years together, while private financing to do with the financial daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

2. Assets Vs expenditure: In public finance, income from fees as follows. In addition, the cost of private financing in line with sales.

3. Arrears financing: Budget deficit, government. can create new tickets issued. In addition, the private sector has no authority to issue new tickets.

4. Nature of budget: In the public sector's budget deficit is important. In the private sector, the budget surplus is large.

5. Compulsory loans: The government can borrow to bind to other financial institutions to their cost, while the private sector can not be met.

6. Secrecy: State budget is not a secret, but Govt. published their budgets for television, radio, etc. On the other hand, the household, to keep the secret.

7. Nature of projects: In public finance, the government must complete the long-term projects. In addition, the private sector has a short project is completed.

8. Nature of changes: Public Finance shows significant changes, while the private sector has to do with minor modifications.

9. Accounting document: The state budget is a written document that the budget sector is a written document.

10. Analysis system: Govt. Revenue and expenditure is regularly monitored by an audit system. On the other hand, there is no system of private financing.

11. Adopted assistance: In the public finances, the Government may rely on foreign aid, but private financing, there is no way of outside help.

12. Absolute or aberrant antecedent of income: Public Finance, source of income is indirect, while the tax is a source of private funding, that address income.

13. Above-mentioned sanction: Public Finance, Government. have the prior approval of his cabinet, etc. National Assembly, Senate, while in private funding, without prior permission is required from any authority.

14. Future planning: In public finance, there are no long-term planning, while private funding is nothing planned.

15. Use of banking resources: In public finance, the main goal for the welfare of the population, used as in private funding, the resources for maximum personal satisfaction.

16. Almanac of finance: The private sector may or may not keep records of your finances, the govt. maintains a permanent record of your finances.

We conclude that the financing of public and private sector for revenue and expenditure. In any case, we distinguish between public and private financing on the basis of certain criteria.


Robbin’s and Marshall’s Definitions of Economics

Marshall’s Definition
Economics is the study of mankind in the ordinary things of life. You wonder how you get your income and is used here. Consider the part of individual and social action that is linked more closely to the development and use of the material requirements of well-being, the doctrine of wealth on the one side and on the other hand, more importantly, is a part of the study of human beings.

Robbin’s Definition
The economy is the science of human behavior as a relationship between multi-purpose and scarce resources to alternative uses studies.

A comparative study of the two definitions on their similarities and differences.

Similarity between Robbin’s and Marshall’s theory:

1. Human behavior

Both definitions have to do with human behavior.

2. Optimization
Both definitions focus on the optimization to say, the best is possible under certain conditions. In the definition of Marshall, is to maximize our objective, the material welfare and the definition of Robbins, who has to do with the maximization of satisfaction.

3. The pillars
Consumption, production, exchange and distribution of wealth are the cornerstones of those definitions.

4. The characteristics of wealth and the limited resources
According to Marshall, is the basic source of wealth maximization of material wealth. Robbins believes that maximize our satisfaction for scarce resources. The concepts of wealth and scarce resources are synonymous, since both have the same properties, namely the transfer utility, and scarcity.

5. Analytical
Marshall definition is based on the realization and utilization of hardware. Robbins definition is based on the problem of the choice-based. Thus, both definitions analytical in nature.


Difference between Robbin’s and Marshall’s theory
We note the following differences between the two definitions.

1. Material of economic activity / Intangible.

Marshall: believes that activities to promote only the well-being.

Robbins: believes in tangible and intangible activities to address the problem of choice.

2. Social and natural sciences.

Marshall: to the economy is a social science.

Robbins : On the other hand, Robbins believes that economic science, including physics, chemistry, etc.

3. Science science normative / positive.

Marshall: believes that economic, not only because of the problems as they are, but also suggests that, as the given problem must be addressed. This means that, according to Marshall, the economy is essentially a normative science.

Robbins: sees it differently. He says that economists should be neutral observers of economic development around them, ignore their personal taste. We can only talk about facts. Robbins believes that the economy is essentially a positive science, the economists call economic facts.

4. Rating / universality.

Marshall: has classified material assets or property of persons in social life or isolated.

Robbins: does not believe in artificial classification. We analyzed the economic problems that seem to have multiple needs and few resources. It is a universal phenomenon.

5. Practical or theoretical.

Marshall: definition is practical in nature. This definition is useful for economic policy.

Robbins: definition is theoretical.

6. Social / isolated individual.

Marshall: believes that the activities of a social person. Ignores the activities of a single individual.

Robbins: believes that the activities of two persons, namely a person's activities and the activities of a single individual.

7. Activities so sensitive / insensitive.

Marshall: believes that the activities of a socially sensitive.

Robbins: believes that only the activities of both sensitive and valuable social person and the person.

8. Human Touch

Marshall: focuses on human material welfare. It places great value because of the man.

Robbins: focuses on the scarcity of resources. He gave no significance to the people.

9. Wellness / deficiency.

Marshall: definition is based on the concept of material welfare of man.

Robbins: definition is based on the concept of scarcity is based.

10. Sectors of the economy.

Marshall: believes that the substantive aspects of human well-being. This reflects the limited scope of the economy.

Robbins: makes no distinction between tangible and intangible aspects. Shows a higher degree of efficiency.

11. Moral values.

Marshall's: definition is a direct economic activities with moral values.

Robbins: definition has nothing to do with moral or ethical values. Is this the problem of social reformers, politicians, etc.

12. Subjective / objective.

Marshall’s: The notion of welfare in the definition of Marshall is subjective and varies from one person to another and from one place to another.

Robbins: The concept of scarcity in the Robbins definition is objective and applies to any person or body.

13. Qualitative/ quantitative.

Marshall’s: The notion of welfare is a qualitative phenomenon in the definition of Marshall and can not be measured.

Robbins: The concept of scarcity is a phenomenon in quantitative and measurable definition of Robbins.

14. Cause and effect.

Marshall’s: In the definition of Marshall, is the main concern of material prosperity is the effect of economic development.

Robbins: definition refers primarily to the allocation of scarce resources is the cause of economic development.

15. Vague / clear.

Marshall’s: The turning point of the definition of Marshall is that wealth is a vague concept and indicators of change over time.

Robbins: definitions based on a clear concept of scarcity and the basic indicator, the excess demand, he said.

16. Macro / micro approach.

Marshall’s: In the definition of Marshall, material wealth is a macroeconomic phenomenon.

Robbins: In the definition of Robbins, the most important macroeconomic problems such as unemployment, inflation, and therefore was not included. Focused exclusively on the micro aspects of economic life.


Based on the above facts, we conclude that although the definition of Marshall's economy an important role in the economic literature, however, the definition Robbins is logically better. Therefore, economists modern, clean and prefer the traditional definition and neo-classical economics.


Basic essential and Basic points of Bill of Exchange

A bill of exchange is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order signed by the maker directing a certain sum of money to a certain person or the bearer.


1. Drawer :-
The person who is giving the order in a bill about the payment is called drawer.

2. Drawee :-
Drawee is the person on whom the bill is drawn or whom the order is a addressed.

3. Payee :-
He is a person to whom the money is to be paid.

4. Holder :-
The holder of the bill of exchange or cheque means the payee.

Following are the main requirements of bill of exchange :

1. In Writing :-
A bill of exchange must be in writing. It can not be oral. But no any a particular language is prescribed by the law.

2. An Order :-
A bill of exchange should be framed in such a manner that it may not be treated as a request. It should be an order.

3. Unconditional :-
The order to pay must be unconditional. If the payment is conditional then it would be not a bill of exchange.

4. Signature of the Maker :-
It must be signed by the maker. A bill is not valued unless it is signed by the drawer.

5. Nomination Of the Drawee :-
It is essential that the drawee should be named or indicated with reasonable certainty.

6. Time Period :-
The sum of money should be payable on demand at a fixed date or on some future date.

7. Payee Must be Certain :-
The payee should be indicated on the face of the bill of exchange if the bill is not payable to the bearer.

8. Certain Sum of Money :-
The bill must contain the direction for the payment and sum must be certain the explanation of rate of interest.

9. Acceptance :-
It requires acceptance if it is not a sight bill.


Sight Bill of Exchange :-
A bill ordering payment on demand or at sight called sight bill.

Time Bill :-
A bill or ordering payment after a period of time specified on it is called time bill.

Documentary Bill :-
If the bill is fully supported by documents for payments is called documentary or secured bill.

Clean Bill :-
If no security is provided with the bill, it is called clean bill.

Inland Bill of Exchange :-
Inland bills are those which are drawn and payable within the country.

Foreign Bill of Exchange :-
Foreign bills are those which arise out of trade transactions between different parties in different countries.

Bill of exchange is very useful in the National and International trade. Bill of exchange facilities the businessman and discourages funds. The businessman can easily purchase goods by promising to pay on some future date. Before the maturity of the bill, he can arrange to sell the goods in the market and made the payment. Foreign bill of exchange greatly helps in making international payments. A bill of exchange is also considered as a very convenient method of investing liquid funds. The owner of the bill can get it discounted at the bank whenever he is need of money for consumption or for commercial purposes. The bank regards the discounting of bill very useful investment. Whenever the commercial banks are in need of cash they get these bills re-discounted at the Central Bank.


Read about Depreciation

The depreciation term has no specific definition under the Income Tax Act Regulation 2,001th However, we understand your concept of general meanings are contained in the books.

For example:-
A decline to take the value of assets is called depreciation or obsolescence.

In other words, the depreciation of the process of allocating the cost is estimated a depreciable asset over its useful life when subjected to the specified in Part 1 of the third to the regulation on the tax reform of 2001 Schedule.

Now the question arises, what is the role of depreciation tax laws.

Note that in computing the taxable profits of a company, the law permits a deduction for depreciation on business income tax.

1) The depreciable assets.

Depreciation is calculated only in depreciate assets.

2) The commercial use of the asset.

Asset classes is determined in the business of a person whose taxable income.

3) Total depreciation and amortization.

3.1) If the assets are used exclusively for business.

If at the calculated parameters in Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the Regulation on taxes in 2001, against the value of depreciation of assets at the beginning of the year.

3.2) If the assets will be partly used for business.

Amount of depreciation is justified as a deduction, the fair share amount would be limited permitted if the total assets were used to calculate the taxable business income.


Shahid has a building that supported R. 600,000. I 3/4th of your building for your company and for the rest of his family home. Calculate the tax exemption for companies.


Written by value (WDV) at the beginning (cost) of 600,000.

The depreciation rate of 10% of the Third Schedule WDV.

The total depreciation of the building (600,000 x 10%) 60.000.

The depreciation of the corporation (60,000 x 4.3) 45,000.

4) Depreciation is charged to the value (WDV) in force.

Depreciation is charged to the value (value at the beginning of the year) of a depreciable asset in force.

As I write the value of depreciable assets is calculated.

(4.1-1) If purchased during the year.

Total cost of the asset XXX.

Initial allocation, where XXX: Less.

Written by value (WDV) at the beginning of the year XXX.

Note: In the absence of a total cost of the asset allocation WDV is this year.

(4:1-2) When property is acquired before the year used solely for business.

Total cost of the asset XXX.

Initial allocation, where XXX: Less.

Total depreciation was

loaded in the previous year XXX.

WDV at beginning of year XXX.

(4:1-3) WDV when the asset is partially used for business.

It is calculated on the basis that the asset only to the income subject to corporate taxes has been used.

5) The total amount of depreciation does not exceed the actual cost of assets.

The total deductions allowed to a person during the period of ownership of a depreciable asset depreciation (U / S 22) and the initial allocation (U / S 23) does not exceed the actual cost of the assets.

6) The disposal of fixed assets during the year.

Without deducting depreciation allow a person to corporation tax year in which assets are available (sold).

6.1) What is the treatment of gains or losses on disposal (sale) of assets?

6.1 to 1) If the proceeds from the sale exceeds SLA, the difference in the sample of earnings.

The tax treatment

Is subject to income tax at the top of the company

6.1 to 2) If the SLA from the sale proceeds exceed the loss of the different samples. Deduction from business income subject to tax.

7) assets with a useful life of more than a year.

is not taken into account depreciation of properties with normal life, must not exceed one year, but its replacement or renewal shall be allowed as revenue expenditure.

8) The compensation for impairment of real estate.

The cost of real estate or improved structural properties do not include the cost of land.

In other words, if depreciable assets consist of the construction, this land not be taken into account depreciation values.

For example, Mr. Ahsan has depreciable assets in the form of the building cost Rs 500,000 (including land management costs 200,000 rupees.). Depreciation is calculated at Rs 300,000, which puts the cost for construction.

9) Depreciation of the owner.

In the case of an asset owned by the owner.

a) The leasing companies.

b) An investment bank.

c) Mudaraba.

d) A bank provided.

e) the development of financial institutions.

is rented to another person. Depreciation is allowed for these people, because the assets are used in its leasing business.

10) Limiting depreciation on leased assets disadvantages.

may be compensation for the depreciation of the leased assets rental income only rent. of unabsorbed depreciation should be in the following / be set next year.

the initial allocation

Additionally to the normal depreciation (U / S 22 and Part-1 of the Third Schedule), a further depreciation (U / S 23 and Part 11 of the Third Schedule) allowed as a deduction for corporation tax under. This additional depreciation is called the initial allocation.

In short, there are two forms of depreciation on the order of the Income Tax Act 2,001th

1) the normal depreciation

2) the initial allocation

Main difference between depreciation and the original performance.

Determination of the normal depreciation on the depreciable property charged, while the original allocation of the depreciable assets eligible for one is allowed in the life of the asset.

Conditions Applicable to Allowability of Initial Allowance.

1) Eligible depreciate asset.

Admissible eligible depreciable asset only.

2) Place of Service

eligible depreciable asset was placed in service in Pakistan for the first time in a year.

3) Date of eligibility

Later, in the following years.

i) A tax year in which the asset is used for the first time in Pakistan.
ii) A tax year in which commercial production is commenced.

4) The rate of the initial grant

It allows 50% of the cost of the asset.

Note: In case of lease, rental income, that he only rental. Any amount can not be included on the initial allocation, a deduction in future years be deferred.

5) The security must be held by the person

For the admissibility of the original allocation, the assets held by the person whose taxable income is determined.

Eligible Depreciable Asset.

Eligible depreciable property means depreciable property, other than the following assets.

a) Any road vehicle, unless the veil of the car

b) Any device with accessories

c) Any plant or machine is already used in Pakistan

d) All equipment or machinery, for which all costs were deducted in the tax year in which it was purchased

The Third Schedule



Depreciation rates for purposes of § 22 stated.

i) Construction (all types) 10%

ii) Furniture (including equipment), machinery and equipment

(Ang), motor vehicles (all types), ships, technical or professional books. 15%

iii hardware), including printing presses, monitor, and uses related terms (plant and machinery for the manufacture of computer), aircraft engines and aircraft.
A reduction of 30%

iv) computed in the case of concerns that oil revenue can be used in accordance with the rules in Part 1 of the Fifth Schedule.

a) Below ground installations 100%

b) The facilities of the offshore platform and production. 20%

[2nd Part]

the initial allocation

i) The first rate allowance U / S 23 and 23A would be 50%

ii) The rate of duty (FYA) u the first year of 23A / s is 90%

[3rd Part]

The depreciation rate for pre-opening U / S 25 is 20%

depreciable assets

Depreciable property means.

a) movable property

b) property (other than developed land)

c) the structural improvement of the assets of a person

i) has a normal life span of over one year

ii) is likely to lose value due to aging, wear or y. and

iii) in whole or in part, by the person to receive a taxable business income.

Note: The total deductible costs of an asset in the year of acquisition, while the assets are not treated as depreciable assets.

Developed land

A parcel is opened without any improvement. If no or a road or rail, etc. Start-built runway on earth as it is called the improved land. Therefore, only the land not included in the definition of a depreciable asset.

structural improvement of real estate

structural improvement of real estate by the construction or installation of a building, road, driveway, parking, rail, pipeline, bridge, tunnel, landing path of the air-port, canal, dock, pier, wall, fence , power lines, water or the sewerage, drainage, landscaping or damage to property such as land.


It includes machinery, furniture, vehicles, boats, technical or professional books, computers, airplanes, etc.

Real Estate

Including buildings and administrative offices, factories, workshops, cinema, hotel, hospital, school and homes or work.


Monday, 3 January 2011

Direction for Beginners in Forex Trading

While still in the initial phase of trade is a good idea to be equipped with basic currencies of major outbreak. Article image all you need to be successful in business. The following information is to have the least knowledge about the Forex market.

Forex for beginners relates to a long learning process. There are so many things that beginners should first learn how the candlestick terminology, stochastic analysis graphical analysis, dynamic, average RSI, and so on. You need this knowledge so that you have a clear idea of what the forex market is and what you have to do on trade.

There are many sources, you can retrieve from this information, for example, a book or online. As a soldier in the war moves with the rifle, but also to the foreign exchange market with the tools of knowledge and support, such as diagrams, and others.

It is strongly recommended that you start with a demo Forex trading account. If you spent some time discussing how they would go in the negotiation and conclusion of the value of a real investment, then you can use in a real account. As always in the process of trial and error, it is always best if you start trading with a small amount in your account.

There are many currency pairs to trade, but the major currency pairs are EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY. If your account is active, you can begin on the exchange in real time. Exchange Forex basic advice for beginners is the place to halt the loss of any transaction. It is important to help as they can to minimize the potential loss that may try later.

The Stop-Loss order is clearly necessary in the trade, especially when the market again to prediction. The market movement can be slow, but can also be fast. The trend may fall suddenly if there is a fundamental economic news. Therefore prepare for the worst and placing stop-loss order at that price. Whenever you fail to agree, you should want to set the timetable for the exchange of advice in the first place, so they are aware of the effects of recoil.

If you do not, by doing things too complicated, you can use any software or automated forex trading robot to be bothered to do the whole transaction works. One of the best options you can try is that the robot control. Is shown to be able to generate profits automatically. But no matter how the software is not always better than limited leave to 100% on it.

Before we get into, you have the right mentality and behavior, patience, hard work and devotion. No one can get success in the forex market to trade without it. As these attitudes and behaviors, it is necessary to become a team with knowledge of the currencies maintained be retrieved from the articles, books, software, tutorial, and so on.

The rest is now a matter of time and dedication. Good luck with your business! If you are still trading in the early stages, is a good idea to be equipped with the currencies of major thrust base. Article image all you need to be successful in business. The following information is to have the least knowledge about the Forex market.

Forex for beginners relates to a long learning process. There are so many things that beginners should first learn how the candlestick terminology, stochastic analysis graphical analysis, dynamic, average RSI, and so on. You need this knowledge so that you have a clear idea of what the forex market is and what you have to do on trade.

There are many sources, you can retrieve from this information, for example, a book or online. As a soldier in the war moves with the rifle, but also to the foreign exchange market with the tools of knowledge and support, such as diagrams, and others.

It is strongly recommended that you start with a demo Forex trading account. If you spent some time discussing how they would go in the negotiation and conclusion of the value of a real investment, then you can use in a real account. As always in the process of trial and error, it is always best if you start trading with a small amount in your account.

There are many currency pairs to trade, but the major currency pairs are EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY. If your account is active, you can begin on the exchange in real time. Exchange Forex basic advice for beginners is the place to halt the loss of any transaction. It is important to help as they can to minimize the potential loss that may try later.

The Stop-Loss order is clearly necessary in the trade, especially when the market again to prediction. The market movement can be slow, but can also be fast. The trend may fall suddenly if there is a fundamental economic news. Therefore prepare for the worst and placing stop-loss order at that price. Whenever you fail to agree, you should want to set the timetable for the exchange of advice in the first place, so they are aware of the effects of recoil.

If you do not, by doing things too complicated, you can use any software or automated forex trading robot to be bothered to do the whole transaction works. One of the best options you can try is that the robot control. Is shown to be able to generate profits automatically. But no matter how the software is not always better than limited leave to 100% on it.

Before we get into, you have the right mentality and behavior, patience, hard work and devotion. No one can get success in the forex market to trade without it. As these attitudes and behaviors, it is necessary to become a team with knowledge of the currencies maintained be retrieved from the articles, books, software, tutorial, and so on. The rest is now a matter of time and dedication.


A few general methods of forex trading

Trading of Forex can make an amazing and potentially very profitable, money from price movements and other things like gold or silver. There are many ways you can profit from this trade.

Here are some basic techniques, together with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Fast crossing of moving averages. On the positive side, this technique is easy to use and delivers good profits when the market is trending or in the large price movements.

In addition, this technique is not very good at predicting future trends that you will always be there and be aware about the current situation.

2. Slow moving averages crossing. This technique works well in large market movements and is easy to install and does not need much in the way of calculation or to study.

However, it is also a good indicator of future movement so you need to be aware of things.

3. Stochastic crossing lines. An easy to use the method to provide the input and output clear rules.

However, it is a lagging indicator and can give false signals. If you are not careful, you could lose money.

4. RSI High-Low. This is a good way to confirm entry into a complex trading system easy to moderate.

But close monitoring is still necessary and may receive the wrong signals. This is a good technique for use in combination with others.

There are many other techniques and strategies. Some are simple and complex. Try as much as possible to make better use to learn the most effective strategies for you.


Can we do forex trading from home?

Proponents of the trading system again, Trading House , people say that there is money to the wonderful world of investing in the comfort of your own home use. When will you ever wondered what it would be an operator on the market to make money by buying and selling stocks, the spread of such programs are signs that the time to participate fascinating. It is easy for the services of Forex trading systems, such as Trading House to try to make money with proven business systems and investment ideas. You can decide how much money you spend each day.

One good thing about this is that never dies. A person can trade any time day or night. Once they reach their goals and leave the goals for that day can not. At the beginning of a person's current work and trade, after their regular work to keep. However, many people find this type of investment so profitable that eventually leave their regular jobs to the adventure of making money are on the Forex market easily enjoy full-time basis. This system should have a history of success and very easy to use. Just follow the directions and strategies of the system and the long term you could be earning money every day. Not necessarily take some time to make money with. Some jobs are so good that an extra day can be achieved within a few hours. Thus, investors can day of work a few hours before calling it last a day and spend their leisure time.

There are basically two things, the business house system designed to help people achieve. First, you can learn to negotiate and make money with Forex Trading at any time of day. You can learn the basics and negotiation skills for the benefit of easy to learn with this system. Second place receives concrete information and tuition to enable them build their business to a trader. All this information can be up to success for someone who wants a deal. Soon hope to make as much money as they want to be experts in the field of forex trading.

The necessary investment in the use of the system is relatively low as the start-up companies. Moreover, Trading House comes with a warranty to protect your investment. Of course, all investments carry some risk, and people should be encouraged to see the system before investing. But change for someone to do the things and start real money will, it could be a system under study.


A few basic Knowledge of islamic forex trading

Forex is the exchange of currency for another. The term Forex is derived from the two foreign words and exchange. This is essentially the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling another. This exchange is done in currency pairs. A Forex Broker Forex account that handles your care in general, these pockets.

The Fundamentals of Islam Forex is a bit different from other Forex trading. followed To stay in the Sharia should be a few simple rules.
It is never permissible in Islamic countries foreign exchange swaps. His narrative Islamic foreign exchange trading should be exempt from interest and other charges can not accumulate on the road.

If you are a beginner or a veteran in Forex Islamic always a good idea to get a dealer in foreign currency accounts can be found to create the match with Islamic Sharia law. Here you will find many brokers who offer this service Islamic currency traders. I suggest doing a lot of research into a Forex broker that meets your specific needs.

To comply with the laws of Sharia, should the fundamentals of Islamic Forex. Do not remove offensive or Riba to trade. This requires careful and strict guidelines, to be served. You are not authorized to do business, or you can not complete the trade of the day. No trade can not be postponed to a later date. Scroll the fee is not in the fundamentals of Islam currency trading apply. Which violates the Islamic Sharia laws foreign exchange transactions.

Islamic Forex trading has become increasingly popular in the countries where it was previously prohibited. The current foreign exchange market is one of the largest financial market in the world. For Muslims to participate, the new rules set up. Islamic Forex dealers offer accounts for their customers and plan for their services. Most drivers reserves the right to terminate accounts if they are victims of violence feel. The drivers know the details of Islam currency trading.

must first learn the basics of Islamic foreign exchange research to do, is very familiar with the practices that meet with Sharia laws. You save time if you have a Forex broker who can educate you and to contact you through your first trade. There are also sites that allow you to perform operations. This will help you start and you're not using real money in currency trading to not lose or win real money.

Fundamentals of Islamic foreign exchange transactions are a bit more complicated than in other currencies, but you should the time to get everything you need to know what you learn to comply with all laws of Sharia. Learn everything you can immediately begin the Islamic Forex Trading.


Forex trading is Halal or Haram?

Many Muslims still have doubts as to whether trading in the Forex market halal or haram, that is, whether sanctioned by religion. What are the views of Islamic scholars on trade in currencies, equities, indices and commodities? If the illegal trade of these instruments in the eyes of Islam?

Nabi Muhammad SAW said in the story of Abu Hurairah, "You shouldn't trade what you don't have."

So, if taken literally, the entire trading currencies, stocks or commodities forbidden, because they are not physical assets under our control. But even here we must schedule changes of this text was only hundreds of years and have over time developed.

Many modern scientists thought, as Ibn al-Qayyim definitely against the literal interpretation of this text. This ban has not been found in al-Qur'an fatwa or the Sunnah.

In the Sunnah Nabi is actually illegal, which does not belong, not in the sense that they physically can not just keep selling in the currency and equities, but in the sense that article or product sold actually belongs to someone else . For example, to sell a lost camel even illegal in Islam and if you do not receive the permission of the original owner to complete a transaction!

It is legal when a transaction in which the products are guaranteed to be delivered to the buyer (you certainly have the pound sterling against dollar, if we trade in the vicinity in the forex market.) But it is illegal to do business with may be the owner of the camel, the property right and take the glass away, then you have no product delivered to the buyer.

These are the formulas that hold the legality of a dealing:

* Products must be unique with respect to the nature, characteristics, quantity, price and location of the swap transaction
* The funds will be defined to be by the employment offices for the transaction must be clearly defined, dinars, DH, rupee, the dollar, or things which can be measured or weighed.

And so the best of our ability to interpreting Islamic laws, currencies, equities and commodities is written in accordance with the spirit of Islamic law.


forex business with small investment

Want to make money, but only a small investment? You can do this easily in foreign currency. Yes, the ability to generate profits without significant investment in recent times is to work in the field of exchange. That is true. You can start an investment of $ 100, and perhaps a good profit. The path is simpler. Just buy a piece of a certain price, wait a minute, and sell when the price is higher. In this situation, you receive benefits. To do this, again and again to earn more income. Is not that a smart way to do it when you are in a small capital?

Other conditions are the Forex currency trading, currency exchange, or FX. This article is based on the currency of the currency to the terms described above.

In forex currency, forex trading city on the type of change. If the people in this area, which buys and sells the equivalent of money for a unit of two, depending on the current exchange rate to work. It's like the plot of merchandise. For example, buy products and sell them to others with benefits for them.

But currency traders buy and sell currencies, rather than products. This means that if you play in the foreign exchange market, buying a currency at one price and sell it to another at a higher price for profit.

It is not too difficult to do business. You only need to buy and sell currencies for profit. It's easy. However, if you want to be in dealing with forex successfully, you need to know about how the forex trading system. This is because the forex market is full of risks. It is true that the Forex market is very profitable, but it is also true that this case is full of risks.

This is the key to remember: what goes up must fall. Forex currency works in this system. So, for this type of business you have to learn the trend and take care of things, the location in relation to foreign currencies to qualify. When the market down, not on them.

Maybe you need to learn forex trading before jumping into this business? You can do this by visiting some websites with good information about the foreign exchange trading to be done. You can also have a free online course. Therefore, write a sentence in the foreign exchange trading or forex online in a search engine like Google or Yahoo and find what you want.


some helpful tips about forex

When trading currencies is very important to ensure that you understand the big picture. The foreign exchange market is not complicated as some think, but it is a large market with high efficiency. It is important to learn the letters and all the data you give the place to read currency.

Forex websites offer tools each contractor and dozens of statistics. The problem is how to use tools properly and how the flow of information is that you use.

It is very important to read everything you can about money, take an explicit as possible, and any other practice that may be helpful. Forex can be very profitable if you are in the top of his game. Otherwise, you risk losing money.

There are many aspects of Forex trading can be very useful and profitable, but it is necessary to study carefully. Issues of credit and margin trading are learned things until there is no doubt. In Forex, you should be concerned if you do have an advantage.


How we can safe our investment?

In all aspects of life, we see many artists to success in everything they do, such as sports, music and more. And when it comes to wealth, no doubt, took some of the happiest people in some kind of links you can get a lot of wealth in a relatively short time. Only the brightest people to be selfless, to enjoy the true wisdom and principles that brought success to share it. And we must do all we can learn from these people.

If you read biographies of famous people, including singers, entrepreneurs, athletes, they all have a lot of training in basic skills, what they do. For investments in companies only collect stamps, there are also important basic techniques that are necessary for any investor very profitable in the long run. These basic principles are the core of a viable investment strategy and insurance.

The basic principles of investment are very important. Do you invest a lot, but have yet to check the basics. These are the bricks of gold can greatly improve your understanding. If you are a beginner in the investment world, the ability and strength in the basics before you start your investment. After a careful understanding of these important elements that are ready to build your own investment strategy, strong and victorious are.

Before learning how to increase your wealth, you need to know to avoid falling. In judo, before the student learns to throw his opponent, he must learn to protect themselves from falls. The same applies to investments, you must understand the true meaning of risk and how it relates to the potential yield. You should also know how to protect your assets and not let the market move as your wish.

Before entering new investment business, you must create a backup. You should never make investments before you know where to flee. The point is I think the greatest amount of loss you are willing to take, and we must stop the game and leave the table is, as a point of Stop-Loss . This is not to lose than to treat them during a storm.

In considering a new investment, the first decision of Stop-Loss is. We have worked with many large investors. If we have a new transaction that is worth seeing, without exception, the first thing he or she will always find a safe outlet. Whether you are on the table for 5 minutes Nasdaq investment or investment activity to office a week long-term bonds, which undoubtedly has the potential risks before taking into account the expected rate of return. If the return is not enough compared to the risk, not worth it.

An average investor, we see every day in the branches of the bank is not. They do the opposite. They are too easily persuaded, in a kind of opportunity to make money believe. They lost the potential risk factor and have not even heard the statement in connection with risks.

Ask investment opportunities around. All focus on what are the benefits attractive. Some may be well short text on the bottom of the discussion a little danger. Therefore, it is recommended to be the winner in the long run, is the first change, the need to adjust the risk, rather than we all think at the highest, what they could get. Remember, you must be ready to protect their own assets at any price.


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