Thursday, 6 January 2011

Conflict or Difference Between Tax and Zakat

1. Difference in Case of Savings and Income :-
Zakat : Zakat is imposed on the savings of the people.
Tax : Tax is imposed on the incomes of the people.

2. Payment :-
Zakat : The payment of Zakat is a religious.
Tax : The payment of tax is not a religious duty if it is not paid then it will be violation of the laws of the state.

3. Difference in Rate :-
Zakat : The rate of Zakat is fixed foe ever.
Tax : The rate of tax changes with the changing conditions of the economy.

4. Case of Exemption :-
Zakat : Zakat can not be exempted.
Tax : Tax can be exempted in some conditions.

5. Difference in Utilization :-
Zakat : Zakat can be spent on specified items mentioned in Quran.
Tax : Tax is spent on the general welfare of the public.

6. Imposing Case :-
Zakat : Zakat is imposed only on the Muslims.
Tax : Tax is imposed on all the citizens, Muslims and Non-Muslims.

7. Paying Method :-
Zakat : Zakat is paid to needy and poor people.
Tax : Tax is collected by the government and spent on the general welfare.

8. Levied Method :-
Zakat : Zakat is levied on all types of goods like gold, animal, cash etc.
Tax : Tax is levied on the income of the people.

9. Difference in Feelings :-
Zakat : Zakat payer feels pleasure while paying Zakat.
Tax : Tax payer feel pinches while paying tax.


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