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Brief Knowledge of Zakat

Meanings of Zakat:

The word “Zakat” is an Arabic language word that expresses 2 formal meanings i-e

i. Purification

ii. Growth

This means that the purification of the soul, character, life and prosperity. Zakat purifies the soul of man to a person from illegal sources of income to keep, so that the love of materialism and overcome the pride of wealth. Wealth is loved by all, but what is the wealth achieved in the other goodness and purity. As the Quran in Sura Al Toubah.

Take alms of your property, you may want to clean and purify.

This means that anyone who pays the Zakat regularly, individual wealth and the wealth of the community with the blessing of Almighty God grows. On the other hand, God protect the wealth that has been paid to the Zakat and therefore peace of mind of the person who pays Zakat is growing

In economics , Zakat could be technically formed as comes:

"Zakat is a payment set Nisab Sahib and the Muslims in the proportions of itself or by the Islamic state for the poor and needy from the month of Rajab.

Judgment of Zakat:
As the judgment of Zakat, the being essential be kept seeable.

1. Sahib-e-nisab Muslim:
A Muslim who owns and has in his possession at least 7.5 52.5 Tola tola gold or silver or its equivalent in money is a Muslim and Nisab Sahib. It is your duty, Zakat to the fees paid by the Koran and the Hadith prescribed.
2. Disclosed and unexposed wealth:

Zakat is paid for two blazon of abundance i-e
Exposed wealth
Unexposed wealth

exposed to wealth is the wealth of society is exposed, for example, agricultural products, camels, sheep, minerals, etc. On the other hand, showed no wealth is the wealth, the company's exposure, such as gold, silver, cash, liquid assets, etc.

The rates of Zakat:
Zakat is paid as under these rates.

A. Silver,Gold and Cash:
Tola gold for at least 7.5, 52.5 Tola money or equivalent value in shares of companies or products or species, the rate of Zakat 2.5% of total assets or money.

B. Agriculture:
Usher Zakat is paid at 10% is irrigated agricultural land by natural sources and will be paid at a rate of 5% of the country by artificial sources such as canals, wells, etc. irrigated

C. Animals:

a. Zakat is paid on the bartering animals at the afterward rates:
b. One dupe from 40-120 goats . two dupe from 121-200 goats and three goats from 201-300 goats.
c. One cow from anniversary 40 cows.
d. One biscuit from anniversary 5 camels
d. Minerals
Zakat is paid on mineral e.g. atramentous , adamant , alkali , etc at the amount of 20%.


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