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Discuss the significance and need of guidance and counseling in schools or Describe the aims and objectives of the guidance and counseling program in schools

The need for guidance and counseling is universal. It is based on this visible fact that all human being need guidance. There would hardly be any individual who does not need any sort of guidance in his entire life Tome, everyone needs assistance in terms of guidance and counseling. Some people need guidance constantly and throughout their lives while others need it only at times of great crisis. I hold that guidance is not confined to particular people or groups of people. The Significance of guidance and counseling has been recognized by all mankind. The need for guidance has been there from the times immemorial and will continue to be as long as Man exists here on earth. The significance of guidance and counseling is addressed in the following lines :-

Self-finding :-

Self-finding refers to the understanding of an individual with his/her abilities, natural tendencies and social role. An expert advisor enables an individual to find himself/herself and consequently lead a balanced and successful life. The guidance program tells the individual what is She/he? What does he/she can? And
what are the professions in which the individual may succeed? The destination of self-finding is more or less the result of timely and continual counseling. This destination opens many new ways of success in the life Of the individual.

Agreeableness :-

Agreeableness means such a mutual relation between the individual and the environment which results in the acquisition of the individual and group objectives. A well-adjusted individual can earn personal and social welfare by utilizing his abilities in the environment. A maladjusted person does not possess a balanced personality and is always surrounded by various psychological problems. He has to face problems in coping himself with the environmental needs. Guidance and counseling program is the process of bringing about pleasant harmony between the individual and the environment. All the individuals suffering from the problems
of maladjustment Can be moulded into useful citizens by means of the guidance programs.

Behavioral changes :- 

Behavioral changes refer to the change of behavior of the individual corresponding to the norms and values of society. These very behavioral changes make the individual capable of understanding the social values and thereby enable him lead a success life. An individual is informed of extents of social life by means of the process of guidance and counseling. He is also told that the society expects a lot from you. The guidance activity brings about valuable behavioral changes in the individual which are both productive for the individual and the society as well.

Positive mental health :-

Attaining the destination of positive mental health of the students is one of the significant aims of the guidance program. This state of mental health allows the students to adjust in the society and the environment as well. The students express excellent educational performance with the help of positive mental-health. A mentally healthy student is well aware of his/her responsibilities and employs all possible sources for the accomplishment of assigned duties. This is the professional duty of the guide counselor to take such steps which aid in getting the destination of  positive mental health of the students. The state of mental health of the students gives birth to social stability, tolerance and respect for social values.

Determination of future :- 

This is one of the primary aims of the guidance program to determine the future of the students keeping in view their natural abilities and tendencies. A guide counselor suggests professions to the students which suit their abilities. The choice of a profession is directly concerned with the natural inclination of the students. An intelligent advisor helps the students in the selection of profession and determination of future. The researches indicate that the success in any profession and the natural aptitude of the individual depend on each other. If an individual has no aptitude for teaching, he/she cannot prove him/herself to be a good teacher.

A Organization of faculties :- 

Every human being is born with inborn faculties and abilities. These abilities are developed and organized through the educative process Sometimes, education is unable to develop a particular faculty of the individuals. This defect hinders the way to the balanced personality of the individual. In these circumstances, this is the duty of a counselor to reorganize the process of development of abilities of the student and thereby aids in obtaining the individual and collective aims. The coordination among various faculties is a positive sign for the organization of faculties of the individual.

Problem-solving training :- 

This is not the responsibility of the guide to solve the problems of the counselee by himself. The guidance program should enable the students to solve their problems by themselves. The problem-solving training
significantly aids the students in the solution of the problems of life. If the individual is not properly trained, he will always seek for some sort of guidance and counseling. In this very case, We cannot claim that the individual is capable of solving the problems of life by himself. It seems necessary in the circumstance that he/she should be trained to solve the problems of life by himself so that he/she may develop a state of agreeableness with him/herself and the environment.

Preparation for practical life :- 

The guidance and counseling programs prepare the individual to meet and fulfill the needs of the practical life. An individual is linked with life and society. He has to harmonize his/her desires and aspirations with the social norms and values. The society sends the children to the schools with the expectation that they will learn the art of better life. In this sense, the society puts heavy responsibility on the shoulders of schools of preparing the children for facing the challenges of practical life.

Development of positive attitude :- 

An individual faces various cognitive, psychological, emotional and social problems being a member of the society. These problems leave negative impressions. on the attitudes of the individual disturb the personality balance of the individual. The individual surrounded by various problems cannot prove him/herself to be a useful and desirable citizen. The social stability can only be ensured when an individual of the society is able to think positively and capable of solving his problem. The guidance programs bring about positive changes
in the personality of the individual. Thinking approaches and attitudes shape the character of the individual. In this regard, it seems necessary to develop a comprehensive program for bringing about positive changes in the personality of the individual.

Personal reconstruction :- 

Personal reconstruction is the spirit of the guidance and counseling program. Personal reconstruction refers to the evaluation of the pace of development and co-ordination among the various aspects of personality of an individual. Various undesirable and anti-social attitudes influence the personality of the individual while living in the society. There needs a personal reconstruction in these circumstances so that the anti-Social attitudes eliminate from the personality and thereby make them useful citizens. A counselor performs the function of personal reconstruction through the guidance program.


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