Friday, 18 March 2011

Define salesmanship and describe briefly its importance

Definition of Salesmanship:-
Salesmanship is an art of influencing another person for the object of persuading him to buy specific product. It may be regarded as the process of winning the confidence of consumer. According to WHITEHEAD. "It is a method of arriving at a common point of view with the prospect in regard to the desirability of same, article, service or idea." Salesmanship may also refer to convincing a customer by certain technique and he is really persuaded for buying a particular product.

Importance of Salesmanship

1. Salesmanship helps to create demand for new products or new brands. It influences to change in patronage from one source of supply to another which results concentration of purchases of specific product.

2. As it wins the buyer's confidence so it helps to make regular and permanent customers.

3. The person who is engaged in convincing the public desirability of a specific product is called salesman. He informs the customers about usefulness of commodity with a view to including him to buy the goods.

4. He establishes the goods will of firm in the market. So the sales volume may easily be increased.

5. He constantly observes the fashion, taste, like and dislike of customer and informs the producer about heir choice.

6. He helps to establish close relationship between the manufacturer and consumer.


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