Thursday, 23 June 2011

Discuss the procedure of Exporting goods

Following are the important steps in the procedure of exporting :

1. Receipt of Indent :-
It is the first step that exporter receives the order of export or indent. Various information's are provided in the indent.

2. Acceptance of Indent :-
When the exporter receives the indent then he studies the conditions of the indent. If these conditions are acceptable then he informs the importer.

3. Export License :-
After the acceptance of indent exporter obtains the permission from the controller of import and export. It is called export license.

4. Receipt of Inquiry :-
Exporter may receive an inquiry from overseas buyers about the price and other terms and conditions. The exporter should also send the quotations giving full details about price, insurance and packing.

5. Packing and Forwarding :-
The goods should be carefully packed and supplied according the advice of the importer.

6. Preparation of Invoice :-
Exporter prepares the invoice according the agreed price with the buyers after meeting all the formalities.

7. Custom Formalities :-
Next step is that Exporter fills in the shipping bill and present it to the port Traffic Manager.

8. Mates Receipts :-
An exporter obtains a docks receipt after delivering the goods to the dock. The goods can also be handed over to the mat of the ship. If the mat is satisfied then he issues clean Mats Receipt.

9. Bill of Leading :-
It is also received by the exporter on the receipt of the goods, bill of leading is signed by the master of ship. It is an official receipt of goods. It is also called a document or title of goods.

10. Securing of Payment :-
The exporter usually receives the payment by the following methods :
1. Drawing a bill of exchange.
2. By means of letter of credit.

11. End :-
If the importer is satisfied with the imported goods quality and quantity, then he informs to the exporter and procedures ends.


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