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Discuss the role of transport and communication sectors to the economic development and discuss the importance of transport and communication

Importance of Transport and Communication :-
Rail, road, air and ships are including the transport sources. While postal, telephone, telegraph, internet, radio and T.V are included in the communication sources. These sources play very effective role in the economic development of any country. The importance of these sectors can be judged by the following facts :

1. Mobility of Factors of Production :-
If the means of transport and communication are improved, quick and cheap they will increase the mobility of factors of production. The reward of all the factors will become equal.

2. Stable Prices :-
The developed system of transport and communication helps in stabilizing prices of the commodities through our the country.

3. Supply of Raw Material :-
Due to the quick and cheap transport system, raw material can be easily supplied to factories on lower cost. Even from out side the country it can reach in time.

4. Supply of Manufactured Goods :-
From the factories goods can be easily transported to the markets if transport is efficient.

5. Use of Natural Resources :-
To use the idle resources of the country transport sector plays very important role. The production of the country can be increased with the development of transport and communication. Minerals like coal, gas and oil can be explored easily.

6. Extension of Market :-
If the means of transport and communication are cheap and fast then commodities can be easily carried over to long distance and the size of the market will expand. Today domestic and international market has been expanded due to the modern transport system.

7. Specialization :-
If the transport and communication system is developed the different areas will adopt the process of specialization. Due to specialization the cost of production reduces.

8. Stimulates Trade :-
The cheap and quick means of transport simulates the trade inside and outside the country.

9. Agricultural Development :-
Due to developed transport system fertilizer and seeds can be provided in time to the framers. It will increase the production of agriculture sector.

10. Industrial Development :-
The machine and raw material can be imported from other countries for the industrial sector. If our means of transport and communication are fast and then experts services can also be hired.

11. Importance for Emergence :-
In case of food shortage we can import the food from other countries. Transport and communication importance can not be ignored in case of floods and storms also.

12. Increase in Employment :-
This sector is providing the employment to a large number of people. With the development of this sector we can reduce the rate of unemployment.

13. Increase in the Income of the State :-
The development system of transport and communication increases the income of the state.

14. Spread of Education :-
If the developed transport system is available in the country then students can visit from different areas to receive education. Radio , T,V also plays its role in increasing the education in the country.

15. Improves the Sense of Brotherhood :-
Improved transport and communication system has developed the sense of unity and brotherhood. Today every person can move from one place to another easily.

16. Increase in Social Welfare :-
Due to the developed system of transport and communication we can provide the basic needs of life to the poor nations.

17. Sound Defence :-
A well developed transport and communication system enables the government to defend the country on sound footing.

18. Political Awareness :-
Radio, T.V, internet and cheap transport facilities create the political awareness. They are in a better position to know their economic and social problems. They can also cooperative to solve these problems.


babu pinieli saiboku,  22 May 2013 at 23:59  

i like this good explanation on the importance of transport and communication,so well done.

reya bhosale 22 March 2016 at 23:36  

Great blog. thank you sharing such A informative blog.
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Athul Krishnan 3 March 2017 at 06:24  

Thanks so much for the info. This has explained better than meritnation

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