Friday, 1 July 2011

Discuss the various social, cultural,political and administrative obstacles in the way of economic development in the poor countries

Following are the important social obstacles in the way of economic development :

1. Joint Family System :-
In many countries like India and Pakistan this system is still available. All the members of the family live together. Few of them work hard while the others do nothing, except quarreling with one another. So due to this reason national product reduces.

2. Literacy :-
The literacy rate is very low in the under developed countries. It reduces the rate of economic growth. In Indian and Pakistan literacy rate of education is very low. Due to this our farmer is unable to adopt the modern methods of production. Due to this our labour per capita out put is low.

3. Caste System :-
In the under developed countries people are proud about their caste and colour. Every body considers himself superior than other due to his racial quality. Caste system has created hatred among the people. This system is a hardly in the occupational mobility. It is an obstacle in the way of economic development.


1. Customs and Traditions :-
These are also the obstacles in the way of economic development. In the less developed countries people borrow the money and spend it on the death, birth occasions lavishly. So their rate of savings always remains negative.

2. Wastage of Money in Suits :-
The people waste a lot of money and time to engage themselves in law suits. It wastes the savings and production of the people.

3. No Active Participation of Women :-
In these countries women is unable to lay her role in the economic activity. Half the population remains jobless which reduces the per capita income.

4. Religion and Beliefs :-
The people of India and Pakistan prefer the spiritual wealth instead of material of goods. So we can not utilize our limited resources maximum.

5. Attitude of the People :-
In the under developed countries, attitude of the people is also not positive toward economic development. People in these countries are conservative and they are not ready to accept any change. They are contented and not ready to think towards development.


1. Political Instability :-
Political instability reduces the rate of economic growth in the country. Rapid changes in government discourage the rate of investment in the country. In Pakistan there are rapid changes in the governments. Each government condemned the policies of the previous government. It has discouraged the planning production and investment in the country.


1. In-Efficient Administration :-
In the developing countries like India or Pakistan administration has failed to perform its duties efficiency. Most of the officers who had no technical training were appointed as a head of the department, so they created more problems instead of solving them in the early years of independence. The departmental in-efficiency has adversely affected the rate of economic development.

2. Centralization of Power :-
In the under developed countries there is a centralization of power which causes delay in planning, decisions and execution. So the process of development remains very slow.

3. Corruption :-
In the under developed countries due to corruption rate of economic development is very low. There is a need of sympathetic, competent and honest administration. Any how economic development is a complete process which is directly influenced economic, social, cultural, political and administrative factors.


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