Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Write a note on private carrier and gratuitous carrier

Private Carrier :-
A person who carries the goods occasionally or by a special agreement is called a private carrier. A private carrier is not a regular carrier. He carries the the gods under special agreements. He carries the goods occasionally. He performs his duties as a bailee.

Example :- There are large number of firms which are supplying their product with their own trucks and vans. In Bombay the firms of Pepsi Cola supplies the bottles of Pepsi by their own trucks. It is an example of Private Carrier.

Gratuitous Carrier :-
If any person carries the goods or passengers without any reward or charge, it is called gratuitous carrier. No action can be taken against him if he refuses to accept the goods and passengers. On the other hand if he undertakes to carry the goods or passengers then he will be also responsible for the loss caused by him.


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