Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Discuss the unfair labour practices on the part of employers and employees

Unfair labour Practice :-
These practices may be committed by both the parties employer and employees. The act also prescribes penalties on the party which commits the unfair practice.

Following practices considered unfair labour practices :

1. Imposing Any Condition :-
If in the contract of employment this condition is imposed that worker will not join the trade union or he will leave the membership of a trade union. It is an unfair labour practice.

2. Persuasion For Trade Union :-
If any employer discharges or threats any worker that he was persuading other worker for the membership or office ship of the trade union, is a unfair labour practice.

3. Participation In Union Activities :-
If any employer discharges, injuries or transfers the worker on this ground that he was participating in the promotion or other activities of trade union. It is also an unfair labour practice.

4. To Prevent By Offer :-
If an employer induces to prevent any worker becoming member or officer of the trade union by offering any advantage or providing any advantage is also an unfair practice.

5. Compelling For Settlement :-
If employer compels or attempts to compel any representative of the trade union for the settlement is also unfair practice.

6. Interference In Election :-
In the election of trade unions if employer interferes or in any way influences the vote for particular candidate is also unfair practice.

7. Discrimination :-
In case of promotion or employment if employer discriminates between the trade union officer and worker is also unfair practice.

8. Close Down Of Work :-
If the employer closes down the whole establishment against the standing orders of industrial and commercial employment ordinance 1968, it is also unfair labour practice on the part of the employer.

Following are the important unfair labour practices on the part of workers or their representatives :

1. Persuasion During Working Hours :-
If any worker or member of trade union persuades during the working hours, a workman joins or not to join the trade union is an unfair labour practice.

2. Intimation :-
If any worker intimates other person to join or not to join, the trade union, or not to continue or to cease the membership of the trade union is also unfair labour practice.

3. To Compel The Employer :-
If any worker or on the behalf of the workers any person accepts the demand is also unfair labour practice.

4. Illegal Strike :-
If any one supports the illegal strike or instigates others for illegal strike, it is an unfair labour practice on the part of the workers.

5. Go-Slow :-
If a worker reduces the speed of his work and causes damage to the employer it is also unfair practice.

6. Prevention By Temptation :-
Sometimes any worker is offered any advantage to prevent from becoming the member of the trade union. Such type of offer or grant by a worker to other person is also unfair labour practice.

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