Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Explain the various kinds of workman under industrial and commercial employment ordinance 1968

Following are the important kinds of workmen :

1. Apprentice :-
He is a learner but he is paid an allowance during the training period. He is appointed under the apprenticeship ordinance 1862.

2. Badli :-
A worker who is appointed in place of a permanent worker who has gone on leave.

Example :- Mr. Nasir is a permanent worker is Gumma factory. He goes leave for some period but he gives his brother Mr. Yasir to work in his place in his absence is called "Badli."

3. Temporary :-
A worker who has been employed for a work which has a temporary nature. It is necessary condition that work should be completed with in 9 month.

4. Probationer :-
A workman who is employed for permanent nature job but he has not completed the probation period of 3 months.

5. Permanent :-
A workman who is employed for permanent nature job but he has to complete the 3 month probation period satisfactorily. After completing the probation period he becomes permanent. Permanent nature jobs are likely to last for more than a months.


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