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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

How the inspector is appointed and explain the main powers and duties of inspector

Every district magistrate works as an inspector of factory in his district. Inspector is appointed by the provincial govt. He can exercise his power within his district. If any person who is interested in any industry cannot be appointed for that post and if he already holds the post he cannot retain.


1. Entry In Factory :-
According the factories act inspector can visit the factory premises with his assistants with out getting any permission.

2. Power Of Examination :-
Inspector has power to get necessary evidence at the sport or otherwise such evidence of a person for the purpose of factories act.

3. Powers Of Evidence :-
According the act inspector has power to examine the prescribed registers plants and premises of the factory.

4. Other Powers :-
Keeping in view the purposes of the factories act inspector can use other powers also.

5. With In The Limits :-
Inspector is allowed to use his powers with in the district or allocated specified area. He cannot use his powers in other areas.

6. Lawful Direction :-
It is the duty of the inspector that he should issue the directions to the manager of factory, not to do unlawful actions. He can direct the manager not to employ the children as a workers.

7. Prohibition Of Any Person :-
Inspector can prohibit the employment of any person and manager of factory will obey his orders.

8. Subordination Of Authority :-
Inspector can act as subordinate to specified authority. His all actions relating to factory will be according the law of factories act.


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