Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Write a note on agricultural development bank of Pakistan

It was established in 1961. Its authorized capital is Rs. 4000 million and paid up capital is Rs. 3214 million on 30th June 2000. Its head office is in Islamabad.


1. To supply the credit facility to the agriculture sector in the country.

2. To modernize the agriculture and cottage industry.

3. To provide the financial and technological service at the door step of the farmer.

4. To improve the condition of small farmer.

Branches :-
There are 346 branches and 49 regional offices in the country.

Loans And Schemes :-

The ADBP has introduced various types of schemes to attract the farmers. In 1979 it introduced supervised credit scheme. The credit needs of the farmers were assessed and the loan was provided to them in the village in the shape of technology and inputs.


1. Long Term Loan :-
It is providing long term loan to the framers for the purchase of tractors, tube-well, machinery and construction of warehouses.

2. Medium Term Loan :-
These loans are provided for the purchase of agricultural machinery, leveling of land and setting up of agro based industries.

3. Short Term Loans :-
These loans are provided for the processing, marketing and other agro based industries.

4. Rural Credit Programme :-
It was set up by the ADBP in 1987. Its main objective to improve the economic condition of the small farmer and tenant. Under this scheme maximum loan limit is Rs. 50,000.

5. Small Scale Enterprises :-
The ADBP started this programme in 1992. This scheme was also introduced for the small farmers. The bank distributed Rs. 69 million up to June 2000.

6. One Window Operation :-
The ADBP provides the facility of loan up to Rs. 50,000 to a farmer for the purchase of imputs, through this scheme.

7. Loans To Small Farmers :-
This loan is provided to the small farmers holding up to 25 acre land. Its objective is that poor farmer who can not use the latest inputs, he must be encouraged.

8. Women Lending Programme :-
To improve the condition of rural women ADBP has started this programme in its 30 branches. This loan is provided for farming and non farming activities. This loan is advanced for Poultry, fishing and forestry also.

9. Farm Mechanization :-
To promote farm mechanization ADBP has proffered to provide loan for the purchase of tractors. It provided credit of Rs. 5744 million during the year of 1999-2000.

10. Use Of Foreign Aid :-
The ADBP obtained the foreign aid from various international agencies and has utilized for the agricultural development.

11. Recovery Position :-
The ADBP has played very effective role to boost up the agriculture sector but its recovery condition is not satisfactory. Our farmer borrows from the bank and does not use it properly, so loan becomes a problem for him.    


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