Monday, 20 October 2014

Social Groups

1. Definition :
i. Kinds of social Groups-primary, secondary, in groups, out groups, formal and informal groups. Reference groups and Locality groups

ii. Importance of Group life

2. Society :
i. Definition
ii. Kinds of Societies - Hunting and Gathering Societies, Horticulture Societies, Agrarian Societies Rural Societies, Modern Urban Societies

According to Tallcott, "sociology is the discipline of formal study of functions and structures of human groups" and according to John Locke "social life began from human groups when individuals began CI depend on each other for their basic needs and their completion and for safety from natural calamities."

This is a fact that we are social animals and our personality is formed according to the group to which we belong. Most of our social life's activities pass in the company of others whether these activities be about any work, game, study or gossiping. Group life not only has practical objects but has psychological needs. Is, for a long time, people are separated from each other, they will tum mad. According to international law, keeping a criminal in solitary imprisonment for thirty days is a serious cruelty. According to Robertson, "A group is a collection of people interacting together in an orderly way on the basis of shared expectations about one another behavior. As a result of this interaction, members feel a common sense of belonging."  He says further :

i. A group differs from an Aggregate; "A collection of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time", such as the passengers in a bus or a crowd in a street.

ii. A group also differs from a category, "A number of people who may never have met one another but also share similar characteristics, such as age, race, or sex." They sometimes do use the word ogroup' loosely,
but we, sociologists use the term only in its strict ,sense,. Group not only provides the basis of soeial life but also is the source of achievement of aims of social life. From pTily to tire state set up the sources irrG
the groups. Group life guarantees the survival of individual,s life.


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