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Write a note on the responsibilities of a newspaper


Print journalism is based on newspapers, magazines, books, posters, pamphlets etc. Print journalism is a very effective and powerful tool of government and plays an important role in the stability of government and the unity of nation. On the other hand, it plays an important role in the society. In simple words, print journalism has following functions which increase the importance of print journalism :

1. Source of Information :
Human nature wants to know each and everything about the world. This need of human beings is fulfilled through print journalism like newspapers and other printed material about different aspects of this world. From newspapers we gain information, entertainment and education.

2. Awareness about Society :
Through journalism, man becomes aware of reality and facts. For awareness about this world, men need any media which throws light on it. Newspapers analyses in the form of different articles to make the people realistic and prepare them to think about the social problems, national problems individually as well as collectively.

3. Public Opinion Building :
Public opinion is the power which can make and destroy the governments as without any difficulty. In this respect, print media and especially newspapers are the most effective source of forming public opinion, because through newspapers’ editorials, columns, features, articles, pictorial displays, news summaries, the public opinion is formed about different national and international issues. Newspaper changes the personal
ideology and thoughts of its readers. So we can say that print journalism and especially newspapers are much effective and powerful source of communication and play very important role in forming and building opinion of masses.

4. Accountability :
Journalism is a reflection of society and people are the judge to exclude conclusion from different news items. Newspapers keep a check on the different departments of government like municipality, Wasa, police, social welfare and all other fife-relating departments and also show the abilities and functions of government officials.

5. Journalism is a Bridge between Government and Masses :
Journalism and especially newspapers are the representatives of people which express people’s feelings, thoughts and opinions about government and its policies. On the other hand, newspapers also give a place for government activities to inform public. So journalism and newspapers perform mediation role between government and masses. By presenting both sides, print journalism (newspapers) fill up the gap between government and the people.

6. National Unity :
Print journalism is the base of state’s foundation. Newspapers protect the nation, promote peace, unity and brotherhood between different state units and their masses. In this perspective, we can say that newspapers perform their role for producing national unity.

7. Source of Political Training :
Political awareness is necessary for development of nations, because it develops the sense of stability and unity among the masses. Print journalism is the main source of political training of masses. In newspapers‘ editorials on different national and international issues, articles and columns on different social and national issues produce political awareness to masses and make them able to analyse right ways.

8. Solution of the Social Problems :
Newspapers publish articles and features on social problems of masses and different issues about national and international society. Through the latest news, newspapers facilitate masses of rapid information. In newspapers’ articles, solutions of many social, health and other problems are given in guiding ways.

9. Watchdog of National Interests :
Print journalism provides protection to national interests of the country by keeping check on different elements of society which can be proved harmful for the country. It is the responsibility of newspapers to defend their country without any fear.

10. Fourth Pillar of State :
Journalism is called the fourth pillar of state. It is as effective as judiciary and administration etc. If journalism does not play its role effectively, then it can be proved harmful for the state and society by publishing news based on propaganda and falsehood. That’s why true and positive way of presentation is necessary for newspapers.

11. Source of Power and Stability :
As we know, print journalism plays a very important role in forming the public opinion. So this public opinion can be proved useful as well as harmful for the government by publishing news, articles, features and editorials against the government. On the other hand, it can also make government very strong.

12. Educational Importance :
Print journalism has very important educational role in the society, by presenting scientific, social and economical knowledge in easy and simple language. While criticism on education policies losing its objective. Promotion of leading institutions and candidates who receive gold medals in their exams also produce benefits for promotion of education in society.

13. Mutual Understanding :
Print journalism provides the platform to people to present their views and express their feelings and thoughts. So by expressing personal views, sharing knowledge and inter-exchange of ideas, people do agree on certain points which create mutual understanding among the people and this mutual understanding is necessary for development of the society.

14. To Promote the Good Objectives :
Print journalism promotes good objectives in society. It creates sense of responsibility in the citizens of country, promotes ethical values and presents solutions to the general problems of people.

15. To Demote Sectarianism :
Sectarianism is a menace which is so dangerous that it can destroy the unity of a nation and it is so lethal tool of destruction that it can divide a country into parts. Sectarianism means to promote grudge among different sects of religion or society. The enemies of a nation can destroy the unity of the people by fanning sectarianism and creating a sense of superiority in different sects and make them realize that they are right and superior than other sects, but they are suffering due to the wrongdoings of other sects. This sense of suffering make them fight with other sects to achieve their due rights. This sectarian fighting can damage the unity of a nation and destroy the foundation of the country. This trend is demoted through print media. Newspapers urge the people to be united and respect each other’s feelings, otherwise there will be no place for each of them to live in peace and happy in the country.

16. Knowledge of Common Interests : 
Print media provides knowledge of common interests, meaning that it covers all fields of life like psychology, politics, culture, literature and crimes etc. So all kinds of readers take interests in the newspapers and magazines.

17. Effect of Circulation :
Print media has become the most powerful media of mass communication due to its increasing circulation. For example, nowadays newspapers reach almost every home. So it affects the public opinion. That’s why every government tries to develop good relations with newspapers.


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