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Information system in the history of Islam

Information System in the History of Islam :

News transmission or imparting information in the Muslim history begins with the preaching of the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam. The Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) sending words to the public and kings was an initiative on this side.
There was no regular department in the field of information in the early phases of Islamic History. Hazrat Amir Muawiya (RA) was the first caliph of lslam who set up AZ-barid. Al-barid was further expanded and fully established by Abdul Malik. Along with conveying governmental correspondence, another primary purpose of AI-barid was transmission and circulation of news. The head of Al-barid was also responsible to keep the caliph aware of all important events in his vicinity. The head of this department was called as “Sahib-AI-barid-wal-Akbar.”
The system of Al-barid was introduced in South Asia by Ghaznavids. It was expanded and re-organized in the following periods. Alauddin Khilji used it for commercial purposes as well. It was fully developed under Sher Shah and then under Akbar the Great. In each province, the news writers, analysts and dispatchers were appointed with delicate care. There were regular analysts and scriptors in the Red Fort. Dravists were appointed in the court to record daily activities. This type of diaries were called as “Akbar-e-Maala”. This type of activity was initiated by the provincial rules.
“Akbar Dhevri " being written in the court of Nawab of Audh was one of the examples of such diaries. Syed Abdul Jalil Bilgrami, Mir Syed Muhammad Bilgrami and Mir Ghulam Ali Bilgrami were the prominent news writers of the age. Unfortunately, the later Mughals were not able to carry on this practice.
So this system was succumbed to a disintegration process. Along-with the notorious corruption and decentralization, the other factor which contributed most ineffectiveness of the system was establishment of parallel news agencies by Marhatas, Sikhs and the Britishers. Gradually and slowly all news sources were usurped by the rising power of the British.


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