Thursday, 29 January 2015

Write a note on Propaganda


It is a specific type of message presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinions of people in one’s favour. Usually it deliberate manipulation by means of symbols, i.e., words, gesture, images, movements of body, music etc. or other peoples’ thoughts, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.

The main devices used to propagation of message are given below :

1. The propagandist gives bad name or good names to whatever he wished the public to dislike or like, this device is called name calling device.

2. A method of attaching broad ideas to particular situations in such a way as to avoid close, critical examination of those situations conventional education. A propaganda user said that the bulwark of our nation.

3. In transfer device, it depends a great deal upon certain symbols which stir the emotions.

4. A propagandist tries in plain folks method to give the impression that he is one of the people, just plan in common folk like all the rest of us and, hence, no more capable of guile and deceit them are we, and we, of course, are capable of none at all.

5. Under which name pass lies, half truths, under the overemphasis, distorting and censorship when card stacking device is used it is almost impossible for the citizen to discover the whole truth.

6. A trick to make us fallow the mob to “get on the band wagon.” In other words, the method that stampedes whole nation.


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