Sunday, 28 December 2014

Importance of Television


It is said, that “A picture is worth than thousand words.” That’s why television is considered the most effective medium of mass communication. It is due to the effectiveness of television that it became popular within the limited time period. In the present era, modern techniques and fast channels of mass communication have converted this vast world into a home, where each individual is aware that what is happening in the other comer of the world. We can know the effectiveness and importance of television by
the following characteristics :

1. Entertainment :
Television is an important source of entertainment where through T.V. dramas, musical programmes people are entertained in their homes without going outside and enjoy their time by watching TV.

2. Live Telecast :
The most important quality of television is that TV. telecasts live programmes without any interference. For example, there is live telecast of matches between different teams held all over the world including inside and outside the country.

3. Latest Information :
Through television, we get the latest information about current events, current affairs as, we find news with its full details in the news bulletin.

4. Educational Importance :
TV has its own educational importance as different debates, seminars are held under the television organization and telecast live on the TV.

5. Variety of Programmes :
Through television, we watch every type of programmes either these are educational programmes or entertainment programmes. We find all sorts of programmes in the television.

6. Awareness :
By informing through television news bulletins and programmes of current affairs, the level of knowledge and awareness of the masses is increased.

7. Source of Culture Promotion :
Television is an important source of communication as we know that programmes of TV are being watched all over the world through satellite. So culture of the country can easily be promoted by the TV. channels by presenting the culture-based programmes like programmes on our religious festivals.

8. Current Affairs Programmes :
There are programmes on current affairs like talk shows on current issues in which experts and scholars come and define issues with their possible solutions. By this way, they try to increase general knowledge of masses.

9. Representative of the Government :
Television is known as the most effective media of mass communication, so, in many countries the government takes over the charge of television channel.

10. Public Opinion :
Television is a representative of government on one side and of people on the other, so by presenting current issues with their possible solutions, television forms public opinion in the specific way. Usually it is used for positive way of public opinion.

11. Propaganda :
Television is a very important tool of propaganda by which any government can promote its policy, it can make its policy popular among the people and defame the policy of opposition or of any other country.


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