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Introduction to Education

Introduction to Education

Education is a process of change through the acquisition of excellencies and when a man’s education is finished, he is finished. So, we can say that education is the continuous process that stops nowhere. It simply
aims at changing men and environment. This is the fundamental property of this enterprise that makes it a sacred activity human beings have ever engaged. It has a beginning but no end. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways e.g. ‘formal, informal, or non-formal and many more man does not know yet. If it loses the faculty of changing and developing humans, it will be no more education. As a flower has to blossom to justify its existence likewise education has to promote human and humanity for the justification of its being. Man survives subject to the survival of education. The promotion of education is the promotion of human future. In the capacity of subject, education is concerned with the technology that is required for the transmission, expansion, preservation and discovery of academic excellencies that man has gathered through different sources of knowledge.  "An extract from Maiki’s diary"

Prologue :

When man came to know that the‘universe is full of truths, he began to explore them. These explorations changed the human vision about God, society and universe. These explorations and discoveries gave birth to consciousness and civilization. The evolution of civilization continued because of the continuous discoveries of truths. At one time in the period of human history man realized the need for preservation of civilization and explored truths. He rightly realized that if these truths are not preserved, they might he slipped out from the hands of mankind just after the expiry of the existing race. In this'way, the journey of civilization and development would have stopped. The human mind thought it necessary the transmission of these truths to the next generations so as to ensure the evolution and development of civilization. At last, man prepared a formal plan for the preservation and transmission of civilization and truths. This plan is regarded as ‘education’ in the modern world of today. Every society of the world formulates a system of education for its individuals. Education is responsible for all civilizational, scientific, social and intellectual development of the world. Education enables an individual to think, to find new ways of life and to act corresponding to the norms of the society.


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